Sunday, 15 February 2015

Back with a bang: Barry M Speedy's Pit Stop

My return was promised fairy recently and now it's been fulfilled as here's a full blown blog post about Barry M's newest collection called Speedy. I was walking around the isles of Superdrug looking for inspiration for my return post, then I saw these newbies on the shelf and decided that's what it'll be about! First I had to choose out of all the lovely colours, which meant not buying them all, so I chose colours I'd normally wear. Pit Stop is a colour that I now where everyday so follow me for all the lowdown on it...

The results from this polish was amazing, at first I was very sceptical seeing as Barry M's Gelly polishes are hard to beat, but when applying this polish it was as nice as the Gelly collection and dries much quicker! Making it unbeatable as it's got the results of normal Barry M and quicker time. Pit Stop appeared streaky in the first application, yet it was covered up with the second application. Additionally this collection has slightly wider brushes, making it a breeze to apply. It's another hats off to the boffins at Barry M as you've certainly impressed me again with another winner polish. They'll certainly be more of the Speedy collection appearing here soon...


  1. Ooo I've been avoiding Superdrug recently so I'm not tempted to get these... I think I may be breaking that tomorrow! :D x

    1. They are in Boots as well! I didn't get them from there as they weren't part of the deal. But they were in Superdrug and they had the ones I wanted. I've certainly broken my 'no more nail polish' through these lovelies!



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