Saturday, 12 April 2014

Twitter like polish - Out of the Blue by Rimmel.

In addition to the fact that my work hours have tripled at the moment, I am sadly also suffering from blogger's block (if that's a thing?) which means making a blog takes much longer than it's suppose to! Hopefully this little phase will blow over soon. Anyway on to the reason for posting - nail polish.
Today's polish reminded me greatly of the social networking site twitter seeing as I thought the colour was similar (this may be wrong as I am not a twitter user) therefore the background was chosen to match. It's called 644 Out of the Blue by Rimmel in the 60 seconds collection, the colour is a dark colour however not so far as navy blue. Quite bright and it's a crème with no glitter or metallic effects.

Out of the Blue went onto the nails really well, sometimes I've noticed with a really opaque nail polish it can apply quite streaky yet this didn't happen with this particular polish. As always the brush was simple to use as it was medium size which meant not too wide. Let's see if a second coat is needed:

Overall it appears to have a lovely finish including the colour and gloss. Lovely appearance and really opaque at this point, which leaves the area to wonder if it's going to come off nicely which was tested - it sadly tends to stain quite badly. So this one probably is a miss in comparison to other blues by Rimmel. Great colour, not so great coming off. Have you ever had this from a polish - looks pretty but really annoying to get off? It's rather annoying, anyway means other polishes get to be tested to replace the colour.

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