Saturday, 5 July 2014

Could be Similar to Pacific Blue?: Loafer Love For You by Rimmel

Pacific Blue by Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear is a nail polish wonder, it's be famous ever since this little blog was started and if I was ever to pop to America this would be top of the list. However Sally Hansen has decided to reformulate there Xtreme Wear line including this one (causing a lot of outrage across the nail polish community) so it's likely Pacific Blue wont be joining the collection. Yet Rimmel's Loafer Love for You is strikingly similar and wont cost a plane ticket to pick it up.

Sadly doesn't match up to the one coat wonder that is Pacific Blue, but it may come surprisingly close. It takes two coats to get the result shown above, the brush is slightly curved making applying to the nails really easy. The first coat does come out a little streaky but that's evened out with the second coat application. Opaque across all the nails and lasts really well with a topcoat, gets lots of compliments also as it's quite a unique blue. If this the nearest to Pacific Blue I'll get, then it's not too disheartening as Loafer Love for You is a lovely polish and has great results.

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