Saturday, 2 August 2014

Bright and textured: Candy Corn by Sally Hansen.

These polishes are such fun! Sugar Coat is a collection of texturized polishes so they appear to have a layer of sugar across them, making them very popular. Many other posts on this collection can be found here. Today's post is on the beauty called 260 Candy Corn which is a bright orange but not quite neon, let's see some more:

What'd you guys think? This polish may be a love or hate polish seeing as it's bright orange and has a special effect of textured. Love is definitely my own personal feeling towards this polish, it only took two coats to apply and get this effect. As well as drying quickly, appearing opaque, lasting well and not having the curse that glitter nail polishes have. It came off easily instead of taking hours with effort required. So it's a thumbs up here for the slightly unique polish.


  1. yeah, sometimes it's hard for me to use such a bright color since my skin is a bit dark. but I guess this color just fine. it's lovely and sweet :)
    hope we can follow each other . xx :D

    1. Bright colours can sometimes be tricky as they can be to bold for your skin, like neons don't really go with mine all that well. This colour is definitely a keeper! :)



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