Thursday, 7 August 2014

NOTD combination again: Midnight Rendezvous and Fa-la-la-lavender.

These Nail Of The Day posts are becoming ever more popular to do seeing as it's showing the everyday look of the nails. Because really nail art is a once every one to two weeks appearance as they are a lot of work and time. What do you guys think of these posts? Yay or nay? As your comments always lead the way. Shall we lead the way to some more photos...

Fa-la-la-lavender seems to go really well with the darker base that is Midnight Rendezvous as the pink glitter really stands out as well as the purple glitter that blends quite well. The glitter polish was a real ease to apply, it seemed to spread evenly without any effort in placing where the brush went. Sadly Midnight Rendezvous was not the same, applying it was really weird as the edge of the brush was different lengths therefore not applying a neat line and it seemed as if I was forever putting the brush back for more polish. So not pleased with this attempt - hopefully a second chance will change the opinion created today. Overall it appears a striking combination, maybe you guys could give it a go with a dark base colour and a nice glitter polish?

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