Saturday, 1 March 2014

Is there such a thing as too opaque?!

There is a major downside to taking and organising photographs for the posts in advance of the writing as I have just found out, seeing as I am quite lazy I took all the photographs I needed and just uploaded to the computer without any real care... This was a major mistake as the nail polish which is being reviewed in this little post is so opaque in the first coat that I cannot distinguish the first and second coat photographs apart!
The major catastrophe has been avoided seeing as the photographs have time taken in the information box which means they have been separated but it just shows what good coverage of the nails this little bottle has in one coat. This is 700 Block Your Green by Rimmel, it was found in a sale box in the local high street beauty shop which is probably an indication that it may be going out of line soon as there aren't any faults with it - however I may be wrong... 

Now this is the first layer of applied polish, it looks like the full manicure!?! Either it's an amazing nail polish or I've got the photographs mixed up - believe me I have triple checked the times on the photographs. Applying the nail polish was easy-peasy with the solution being really smooth and even across each nail, with the brush being a favourite of mine a wide maxi brush which gets to all the areas across the nail you want it to. On to the next layer:

I believe I cannot fault this particular nail polish in any way as it went on so well and covered so well across all the nails, came off really quickly without any stains which happened on a recent nail polish and has taken forever to come off. (But the offending nail polish cannot be remembered...) It's very dark colour but also very shiny, similar to the Barry M Gelly collection. An excellent purchase and worth the full retail price.


  1. Replies
    1. It's a brilliant dark green instead of being near the colour of lime! :)

  2. I have it - it was one of my first buys - although I found that it stained my nails quite badly. This polish was the reason why I started using base coats :D

    1. It didn't do that for me, it came off quite well for a dark colour. It was another polish that I'd use recently that stained my nails, but I am not 100% sure which one it is... :S (I'll find out when it's next worn!)



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