Tuesday, 31 December 2013

1st ever attempt at Magnetic!

Seeing as it's going to be the party night of the year this evening, I wanted to post to you guys something fun and sparkly and magnetic nail varnish fits the bill. It's definitely different and really shimmery. I decided to start with a named brand such as the lovely Sally Hansen seeing as trying with cheap ones probably wont work as they aren't as good a quality. I will let you into a little secret though... this was purchased at the £1 shop again! Just to say this will probably be quite looooooooooong seeing as it's partly a tutorial and there's many photographs - sorry!
So here's the varnishes with a lovely backdrop which is quite Christmas-y colours :) It's the Base & Top Coat by Barry M and Magnetic Nail Colour in Silver Elements by Sally Hansen. So here is my step by step tutorial to using the lovely magnetic nail varnishes, the only thing I'd say beforehand it's basically practise makes perfect. Don't be disappointed like me when it wasn't perfect the first time...

Step 1. Apply the first coat thinly and evenly.

Step Two. Apply a second coat, you may skip this step if you feel you don't need to but I did seeing as the one coat wasn't opaque enough to cover the nails.

Step Three. As I am basically a child and enjoy applying crackle effect to nail, this step was a great step as well as it's really cool to watch happening to your nails. This is when you apply a thick coat of nail varnish then immediately after place the magnet above the nail. (You have to do them one at a time.)
Being one of those people that thinks they know everything, I didn't read the instructions before doing this so I only applied a thin coat of nail polish meaning they didn't come out well as seen here:

Only two fingers had the desired effect so warning to you guys read the instructions first on the nail varnish effects to get it correct on the first attempt (I now had to read do my nails at this point as I was naughty and didn't listen to instructions...)
Step Four. Apply top coat.

Step Five. Relax and enjoy your nails, they look amazing! I'd recommend this brand of magnetic nail varnish as it was really easy to do and get the magnet to work it's magic. Also a Happy New Year to you lovely readers.

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