Monday, 2 December 2013

Crackled Nails: Easy Peasy!

Here's the first how-to/review of crackle nails. When this effect first came out I was amazed by the design, as I thought it was art instead of a polish, yet it's really simple to create. So here's what nail polishes I used...

As you can see by the brands I am not a big spender but in my opinion they are very good nail polishes especially the clear one from the natural collection at boots. So to start the painting of my nails, I washed my hands to remove all the dirt that's been lurking (Messy day job!) then painted the clear nail varnish to smooth the base for the brighter colours.
The next thing to do is paint the nails with the under colour to the crackle. It my experience bright colours work well but also light shades such as pastels as these types of nail colours oppose the crackle therefore they STAND out. Here's my base coat.

Looking good so far! I normally do two coats of the base colour as for me it tends to last longer but you can just do one if you want to or just don't have the time for two. The next bit is the fun bit. Putting on the crackle. To get the best results, you have to apply the crackle layer thinly and don't put loads on as this is what happens.
Big black blobs as it's not thin enough to crackle. This means (In my case...) that the nail has to be redone to get a much better effect. Here's a good set of nails.
Then all you have to do now is clear top coat...
That is a good looking set of nails completed which doesn't require any artist skill :) As for the review part of the post which is that the Barry M black crackle nail varnish is in my opinion very good as you have the ability to vary the size of the crackle. Also it doesn't crackle when left so much that you can't use it at all which is beneficial!

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