Saturday, 14 December 2013

A new colour for today's nails!

Trying a new nail polish for today so I thought I'd review it as it was going onto my nails! The nail polish is Navy Glint by Seventeen which as a brand I haven't accumulated that many of. (It's a surprise that I haven't squirrelled away the whole collection.) Therefore I haven't really decided if I love them or hate them yet... meaning completely unbiased writer.

Here goes... Putting the nail polish on is really easy, nice flat and curved brush making it way easier to create a neat nail polish line. Only thing I'd say at this point it definitely needs another coat as the coverage isn't that great but I am sure it will be with another coat on top. This shows how professional I am, I just managed to knock the lid out of the pot meaning nail polish is all over my desk now.

Here's the nails after one lovely coat, it doesn't look all that great so I am adding another layer so that it'll look nice with better coverage.

That is much better! I think all it needs now is a top coat then all the great shimmer effect in the nail polish will come out for everyone to see!

Tad da! Looking brilliant with the shimmer in as it sparkles in the light. That has made me all smiley as it came out really well. The colour of the nail polish is a great dark navy in real life, the photograph makes it seem a little lighter than it is. That's the review done and I'll get back to you on how long it lasts and how easily it comes of, but so far today it's got a thumbs up!

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