Saturday, 13 December 2014

Return of the Aquarium Collection: Barry M's Persian.

Sadly, it has to be admitted that this little beauty has been in the stash a while yet not appeared on the blog. It's been on Instagram here. Maybe it's just been forgotten under it's sheer brilliance, well here it is now and hopefully it will impress you all. It's Barry M's newest Aquarium Collection release called Persian, the colour is a mix of a deep purple and a bronze/gold when it catches the corner of the eye. This happens a lot, have a sneak through for some more photographs.

Are you getting the hints of bronze and gold at the edges? Hope so, if not maybe picking this little polish up in person. Trying to avoid this polish got no where. Persian is a good polish to apply as the consistency is smooth without being runny. It takes a relatively short time to dry, only downside being it needs a few more coats if you aren't applying a base black coat. Without it takes three coats, yet I am the queen of lazy and it still happens. Overall a lovely addition to the already brilliant Aquarium collection by Barry M, hopefully there will be some more releases in the future... hint hint Barry M...


  1. Persian is one of my favourite Barry M polishes ever! :D Love the pics, they really capture the different colours you can see :)

    1. When I first put it on, I was quite disappointed compared to the blue ones. But I can finally see the duotone shade and love it! Thanks, I was hoping to catch the different shades. :)



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