Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Bargains at the carboot sale...

Getting up at ridiculous hours before my 9 o'clock shift on a Sunday morning is something I am currently prepared to do in order to get some bargains in return - crazy I know. This is due to a popular thing called a car boot sale  where anything and everything can be found. Last Sunday, the early mornings paid off as I managed to find some fabulous nail polish bargains which you may of seen briefly here on my Instagram page... But here's the full low down on what was purchased!

Saturday, 26 April 2014

April's Polish Party: Inspiration from another Party Polish member!

It's getting better and better every time I do a Polish Party post as the weather is beautiful at the moment. Probably due to the fact it's getting nearer and nearer summer which I may be a tad excited for! April's theme is a manicure inspired by another Polish Party member meaning another excuse to look through all their lovely blogs for a manicure that would inspire me or I could recreate. My inspiration by Big Jig Nails! in the form of their March's Party Polish: Spring as it looked super cute and a really pretty simple design. Let's give it a go:
Not one for holding back, I chose colours that would contrast each other well so they'd stand out. They are 60 Straw-ready by Sally Hansen's Insta-Dry and 101 Snow me white by Sinful colors, these are both new editions to the already massive nail polish stash. Here's the base coat:

Thursday, 24 April 2014

NOTD: Co-Bolt Blue by Sally Hansen and Diamond Glitter by Barry M

It's another nail of the day post as I am certainly enjoying doing these little insights into everyday nail varnish combinations on my nails! It means showing you the polishes which are well loved and great to wear on your nails, even though they are getting on a bit in their age.
It's 320 Co-bolt Blue by Sally Hansen and 350 Diamond Glitter by Barry M. Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri collection has been a massive hit out of the nail polish stash seeing as it goes on easily due to the fact that it goes on even and no streaks and it also comes off easily which is quite surprising as they aren't light shades. As Co-Bolt Blue is quite a metallic colour I decided to try out a silver glitter gradient, here's the results:

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Nail Salon Open: Bright Purple by Barry M and 381 Jade Green by Rimmel

Good morning! It's back to the normal week now seeing as the Easter weekend is over - sad face being pulled. Meaning back to work etc. additionally my older sister is returning to her university which is far far away today. But just before she ups and leaves, there's a nail polish installation!
As the current nail polish collection isn't too large, it's still portable and that means they are brought out to paint family and friend's nails which gives a reasoning to the title today as it's a joke that the Nail Salon is now open for business when brought out of my room! These polishes are Barry M and 381 Jade Green by Rimmel Pro, here's the base colour in all it's beauty:

Saturday, 19 April 2014

A Blast From The Past: MNY 445 and 447

Good morning readers! Hope you are all well this lovely day, this mood I am in is too happy for my normal self. The reason for this happiness has yet to be established... Just whittling down some more loved but not yet shown to you guys polishes today. They are a slight blast from the nail polish collection past as they are the first ever polishes bought from a pound shop. From then I've been addicted to purchasing polishes from these shops!
These polishes were chosen from the pound shop seeing as they are from the brand Maybelline, instead of brands which you've never even heard of inside the pound shop. Sadly these don't have really call names like Maybelline polishes do now, they are called 445 and 447. Let's start with 445:

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Spring Colour Recommendations - Guest Post

It's spring finally so I've done a little post on colour choices for your nails this time of year, instead of the usual GOT challenge. Hopefully it'll brighten up your day as they are very sweet colours and there in skittle manicure formation!

Now today's full post requires a little bit of work on your half, as it's a guest post on Em's Little Corner in this lovely little post Guest Post by Grace from Addicted To Nails... so why don't you head on over?

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

NOTD: Maybelline Colour Show Polka Dots and Barry M Watermelon.

Today's blog post is a Nail Of The Day post which is another popular post circling the beauty blogosphere at the moment. Now the reasoning behind this post is trying to whittle down the older polishes I love to wear regularly but haven't shared with this little blog. And the inspiration to this combination is a dotty spotty bag that I am wearing with the outfit.
These polishes are called Rain Forest Canopy by Maybelline Colour Show and Watermelon by Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine. An additional reason for combining these polishes is that Rain Forest Canopy isn't a very opaque nail polish therefore cannot be applied by itself. Therefore adding a similar base colour below Rain Forest Canopy would make the polish look much better!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Twitter like polish - Out of the Blue by Rimmel.

In addition to the fact that my work hours have tripled at the moment, I am sadly also suffering from blogger's block (if that's a thing?) which means making a blog takes much longer than it's suppose to! Hopefully this little phase will blow over soon. Anyway on to the reason for posting - nail polish.
Today's polish reminded me greatly of the social networking site twitter seeing as I thought the colour was similar (this may be wrong as I am not a twitter user) therefore the background was chosen to match. It's called 644 Out of the Blue by Rimmel in the 60 seconds collection, the colour is a dark colour however not so far as navy blue. Quite bright and it's a crème with no glitter or metallic effects.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

GOT Challenge: Coral

Today's GOT Challenge is Coral which was a little problem seeing as I wasn't really sure what this colour was. It's been floating around nail polish blogging but I wasn't sure if it was pink or orange, meaning I google searched it. It's a mixture of the two! That lead to a second problem seeing I don't own any of these colours, so the next best colour was chosen:
It's a polish from the pile of the great unused polishes and it's been around about a year so hopefully it qualifies for the challenge. The name is 460 Orange Couture by Maybelline Forever Strong Pro but still has a tiny hint of pink undertone despite the name saying otherwise. Here's the first coat...

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Bright and Sunny: Sally Hansen's Man-Go Team!

Starting posts is always a pain, so instead of sitting here staring at the screen for all eternity I thought I'd mumble on about the downsides of writing posts meaning that the post would have an introduction... Oh and hello to you lovely readers also would be nice to say also! Insta-Dry has been very successful in my little nail polish stash therefore if another one is spotted in a colour which is bold and bright, it must be bought. This polish was no exception to that rule.
It's rather bright but it's a good colour from first appearances. It's similar to the brightness of orange juice however not quite as orange in colour - if that makes any sense at all. The name of this polish is 30 Man-Go Team! by Sally Hansen in the Insta-Dry collection, so let's give it a first coat test.


Saturday, 5 April 2014

Confessions of a Nail Blogger Tag!

I came across this lovely tag from my Bloglovin' feed when I saw that Galorious had done a lovely little post called Confessions of a Nail Blogger (Tag?). Now at the moment Tags are quite popular and seeing as this one fits in so perfectly with Addicted To Nails... it just had to be done. Here we go, don't hate the blog forever if you don't like the confessions.

My nails are cut using a clipper.
I read on another nail blog that you aren't meant to use clippers for shortening your nails as the pressure of the cutting affects your nails, instead use a glass file. However I just don't do this (do any of you guys do this) as I don't own a glass file and also I am just to lazy to spend time shortening my nails.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

GOT Challenge: Pastel

Hello, it's that time of the week again! But it's going to be rather a quick post seeing as I've got to go out again in just a moment - sorry. Today's theme is pastel which is quite surprising that it's gone so well as normally these colours aren't picked first when buying. However today has three very complimentary colours:
The names of these lovely polishes are; 503 Mind The Gap, Victoria by Rimmel 60 Seconds, 145 Porceline Pink by Maybelline Forever Strong and 320 Blue Sky by NYC in a minute. When planning this little post it was decided seeing as the last few that I could remember were basic colours, I'd add some spots on to the nails at the end!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Hint of Spring/Summer: Rimmel's Wedge of Lime.

This is a see and must have it colour in this little post. But it has to come with a little warning as it's that bright! The name gives a hint at the colour, it's a lime green colour but not a bright neon in comparison to others. Also the name is pretty cool way of describing it so a well done to Rimmel. Here's the polish in question:
Can you see what I mean? Or is this a normal sort of colour for you guys? Hopefully it's caught your eyes at least - as it did mine when I saw it on the pound shop selves. Before evening trying this one on the nails, it can already be said that the brush is lovely to use seeing as it's a wide-ish brush meaning you can paint you nails in one to two strokes which is easy if your lazy like me some of the time...


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