Saturday, 31 May 2014

World Cup Nails 2014 - Italy!

Now this competition may come as bit of a surprise seeing as it hasn't been mentioned before on the blog - sorry about that. However Addicted To Nails... is participating in the brilliant nail art competition by Nailsxo and it's based upon THE WORLD CUP! Each participant is assigned a country to create a nail design for, then they follow their country through the World Cup and at the end there's a prize for best nail art and the participant with the winning country.
Addicted To Nails... country is Italy. There are a few links between myself and Italy as I have been there on holiday as well as having friends who live there so it's not a completely new country to myself.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

May's Polish Party: Splatter!

It's nearly the end of the month which means it's time for another Polish Party post, which is a brilliant thing to participate in! This month's theme is splatter which took more than one attempt at Addicted to Nails... to make. Creating splatter through using a straw was attempted however it never seem to come out very well - there was a lot of large dollops of nail polish. Therefore another design was created, first the base colour:

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Another Colour Adventure: Grey Matter by Rimmel 60 Seconds

Recently the colours of polishes featured in these little posts have been getting ever more adventurous compared to my usual colour palette. Today is no exception. It's not an in colour at the moment compared to neon pastels, however it was picked up at a car-boot sale for the grand price of 20p. A risk even I can take on a bottle of polish...
But I will admit that if this had been in a shop, it probably wouldn't of been purchased as it's not a colour of choice. Hopefully this little swatching session will make me see the light! The polish is called Grey Matter from the 60 Seconds collection by Rimmel. It's a light grey in colour as the name suggests and it could even fit in with the pastel type trend. Here's the first coat:

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Quick Post: Sally Hansen's Check, Please!

It's just a flying post today. However it's about a new nail polish technique that has never been used by myself although it's be purchased... It's Sally Hansen's Salon Effects which are peel off nail stickers and the design is a checked design as given away by the name Check, Please! Here it is:

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Look what I finally signed up to...

It's been avoided for a while seeing as I wasn't that into it. However seeing as many bloggers recommend having it, I thought I'd give it a go for the sake of Addicted To Nails... Here's the link: and there will be other stuff besides nails - I promise!

First Coral Polish: Instyle Coral by Rimmel

Good evening readers! Today's been a finish off posts to put up day which has gone quite well actually. Normally it's filled with procrastination. Do you have those days ever? Today's nails are a new thing due to the colour is relatively new to me as it appear when doing the GOT challenges. Here it is:
Pretty!? Coral is halfway between pink and orange, not really a spring colour more summer I'd say. But we are all wishing summer here so it's not that big a deal. As for the brand, it's Rimmel which has always done well, there's been no major disappointments so let's hope this isn't the first...

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Blogosphere hype made me buy it...

It can't totally be blamed on the blogosphere, it's also my lack of willpower not to buy more nail polishes. But seeing as the famous 3 for 2 on all make-up was on at Boots, as well as having a double voucher, the opportunity to get some current nail polishes (instead of £1 shop polishes) couldn't be missed. Therefore a little list was made and off I went to the high-street.
This purchase will come as no surprise seeing as everybody on Bloglovin' has been in love with these new editions to the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine collection as they are brilliant polishes in their own right and they are especially great colours for the arrival of spring. Their names are; 21 Sugar Apple, 19 Huckleberry and 20 Rose Hip - a skittle of these polishes is definitely in the piping line.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

New Barry M Matte Polishes: Available Now?!?

Now please tell me if I'm being completely ridiculous and these polishes have already been around for a while! But these may be new polishes that you can already buy...
These are lovely polishes which Barry M announced on Instagram that they would be releasing in July. They are part of the Matte Collection in new summer bright and bold colours - which I cannot wait to try. However then this appeared in my Blogger newsfeed:

Which came as a shock seeing as I've recently been looking for a Matte topcoat with no luck, it seems The Polish List had found some that was Barry M! In addition to some more Matte nail polishes - all swatched and reviewed perfectly. And with a link to Boots where they can be purchased:
So I am thinking you are able to buy new collection nail polishes (that Barry M released information about on Instagram) from the Boots website earlier than release? They are called: Waikiki Green, Miami Pink, Malibu Blue, Rhossili Purple, Cancun Turquoise and Copacabana Red. Or am I crazy!?

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Sinful Colors Collection: Top Five Picks

Now some of last week's posts were written in advance seeing as I was off exploring for the week and wouldn't be able to reach a laptop for enough time to blog. One of the posts was my personal top five picks from Barry M as a whole, which wasn't easy to choose just five but was a pleasure to write. Therefore a few other polish brands have been chosen to have the top five shown in a little post. It's Sinful Colors today!

Thursday, 15 May 2014

GOT Challenge: Texture.

Now it's been quite a while since a GOT challenge has been participated in, probably due to the other posts which have been created and then just HAVE to be put up because they need to be seen straight away. (Not really that's just me being silly.) Anyway onto the actual posts, it's going to be a flying visit with a textured polish:
It doesn't come as a great surprise that it's a Sally Hansen Sugar Coat polish as these were very heavily featured a while back in a series of blog posts. (They can be found here, here, here and finally here!) Sugar Coat polishes went down really well as the effect came out much better than anticipated, so much so I'd go and check for them in the pound shops. Bubble Plum was purchased and never used so it's from the great pile of unused polishes.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Toning it down a little: 150 Mauve Kiss by Mabelline Colour Show

Good morning chicks! Now it probably doesn't come as a great surprise that the bright nails I show you guys aren't allowed at my current workplace, meaning they have to be removed or toned down in colour. It's been the first option for a while now as bright is always better in my books. Yet it's been quite a trend for toned down nails therefore here's my trial of the shade.
Admittedly it doesn't look all that amazing in the bottle due to the lack of ommph and the additional nail polish settling. But please bear with this little post as it does get better. The colour is 150 Mauve Kiss from the current Maybelline Colour Show collection, surprising origins as the rest of the collection is rather in your face colour wise.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

An Eye Catching Blue: Pacific by Barry M Aquarium Collection.

When wearing this particular polish it's definitely mesmerising to say it lightly, seeing as every time you use your hands (which is a lot) the duotone catches the corner of your eye - making it impossible to not just have a quick peek at the nails. Additionally it does tend to catch the attention of a lot of other eyes! 
This beauty is called Pacific by Barry M in the recently launched Aquarium collection which contains 3 other duotones and 2 lovely looking glitters. Which surprisingly haven't been purchased for quite a while after the launch, probably due to the fact that previous duotones which have been tried haven't been all that impressive. This is not the case here. Pacific is a blue and green duotone which is also has a metallic shimmer running through it:

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Barry M Collection: Top Five Picks

As far as nail polish goes, Barry M is up there at the top of the best brand list seeing as they are always great colours and effects, long lasting with the Barry M top coat and really opaque meaning they are going to be statement nails! Therefore I thought I'd give you guys a top five series of all the best brands (in my opinion) and Barry M just had to come first.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Another little shopping haul in the infamous £1 shops...

It's become largely apparent that when I go out shopping for the day or afternoon, that the time spent in the £1 shops is too great it's becoming abnormal. Really should cut down on time spent in here, what do you guys think about £1 shops? Do you like my hauls and polishes feature from £1 shops? But need some opinions from you guys before they get cut completely! Anyway onto the post, here's what was snapped up from the £1 shops on my last visit as well as some polishes from another store - shocking that I ventured else where.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Polka Dot Gradient Design - Guest Post!

One of this year's new years resolutions was to stick to a posting schedule so that the lovely readers know what to expect and don't get confused, however today's an exception to this rule. The exception comes in the form of a polka dot gradient design created with the famous dotting tools.

In order to see this little rule breaker post with my little ramblings, you'll have to pop over to the brilliant The Sequined Nail and click on Guest Post: Grace from Addicted to Nails.... It's definitely worth your while as The Sequined Nail has been followed by myself ever since the beginning giving brilliant nail polish designs and inspiration! And finally this doesn't mean you'll be seeing less posts this week as an exception has been made. :)

Saturday, 3 May 2014

WellNailed x's Competition Prizes!!

Today's post is rather exciting despite the fact it's a tad overdue! The reasoning for this is that recently I had given up buying new polishes, therefore new polishes weren't shown on the blog just in case someone got the urge to get new ones if they did well on the blog... So today's going to show you guys what was won in the competition hosted by the brilliant WellNailed x. (Go and check them out!) As well as give some clues as to what will be appearing soon...
These will be the first Nails Inc to be added to the ever growing stash and they are called; Countess road, Lanesborough place, Battersea and Bristol. They haven't been officially tried out yet but Bristol has appeared on my nails and it's already a favourite.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Something new: Almond By Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine!

It's definitely a very exciting post today seeing as it's a new release polish. Normally new releases missed by myself until they are about six months old and not really as relevant. or appearing in £1 shops. However today's different (hopefully more of these organised new posts will appear for you lovely readers!) so here's the lovely looking polish I have to share:


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