Thursday, 27 February 2014

Attack of the colour orange!

It's another one from the great untried this week, for which I apologise but's it's been a very hectic week for myself... So it's a review from the blogger vaults. It's probably apparent in the choice of nail polish colours, that the writer to this blog is a lover of bright and bold colours but today's choice is definitely a bold colour in it's own right. You'll need to close your eyes for protection as soon as you see it. Additionally sun glasses are needed in the application of the nail polish... Just kidding.

Now at this point it doesn't look that bright but wait until the photographs of the nail polish on the nails... This is Cloud 9 by Sinful Colors which would definitely go well with UFO by Sinful Colors however the nails would be radioactive in colour. Applying this nail polish was really easy and didn't have the normal dripping problem that other Sinful Colors nail polishes have. It was opaque within the first coat so much so that the photographs of the first coat didn't happen therefore there is only photographs of the second coat application. Get your eyes ready!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

February's Polish Party: Chevrons

Today is another little challenge from the Polish Party, which as you can probably tell from the title is Chevrons. I had a little bit of a moment when this was chosen seeing as I had to Google search it just to see what it is! I think it was just mind block... The nail polishes where chosen seeing as they had been teased about on instagram a while a go, so I thought I'd let you out of the misery!
It's Maybelline Colour Show, in the colours 215 Iced Queen and 214 Green With Envy which are pretty cool names for these colours. In my personal estimation this is a lovely collection and has brilliant bright colours in it - always good in my books. The reason being for purchasing these polish is due to other bloggers raving about reduced GOSH polishes in their local store, therefore I just HAD to pop into mine. There was no GOSH products reduced but there were some Maybelline Colour Show! Anyway onto the actual nails...

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Final Sugar Coat

It's the last one and probably my personal favourite of the lot. (Of the selection purchased - 500 Razzleberry is on the 'need to get' list.) Especially since the darker colour makes the layered up effect even better as it stands out such as 300 Cherry Drop. Today's review will be on 800 Lick-O-Rich!
When I found the Sugar Coat nail polishes, I was unsure whether a black one would come out as well as the other lovely bright colours but then I got it seeing as it would definitely stand out, in addition to this these where all found in a £1 shop so I was willing to take a little risk. Lick-O-Rich applied really evenly across the nail both polish and effect, wasn't clumpy or gloopy in any areas. Really opaque as well! Here's the first layer.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Rimmel Pro - Navy Seal

Sorry there's no GOT challenge today, just a simple review! Rimmel Pro is definitely growing in my estimations as well as in quantity within the collection, this is due to how reliable I find it. There's never any real question when looking at in the store that it might be gloopy or runny as previous experience with the brand is fab. That means if I like the colour and the price, I'll buy it. This particular colour isn't an exception to the rule as it's brilliant. (If ever I find a Rimmel Pro that doesn't live up to expectations you'll be the first to know.) Lovely colour and lovely application.
This little beauty is called 411 Navy Seal. It's a brilliant colour due to the fact isn't a normal navy colour - its dark blue but with a slight hint of a grey colour making it slightly different to the vast majority of navy colours. These can sometimes be quite loud in colour, however this one seems lightly less bold and a little bit mute. Well the photographs will speak for themselves...

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Another little post for your nail polish fix!

Seeing as the first post today wasn't about nail polishes, I thought I'd do a simple review of a polish which is well worn but fab just to give you guys your nail polish fix so that you'll keep going until Thursday. This particular polish was chosen for the colour seeing as I am a major fan of the book series Pretty Little Liars and today is #redcoattuesday!
It's not a great surprise that the brand of nail polish is Rimmel Pro as I cannot find fault with any of this particular collection but the colour is 325 Hot Gossip. Definitely fits the colour seeing as your nails become such a statement with this on. Each layer is no exception to this, here's the first...

Liebster Award!

Now I've seen this title been floating around the blog-sphere a while now either on posts or down the side of the blog, I've always wondered what you had to do to get nominated (this is when I first started) then kind of forgot. But today I had a lovely little comments on one of the posts from PrettyBritish44 and Sarah Smiles saying that they'd nominated me. I've done a little research about it and other's who I'd nominate so here we go! 

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Another Sugar Fix!

It's the next post in the little series about the lovely Sugar Coat nail polishes by Sally Hansen. So are you dying to find out the ones I'll be reviewing today? Well you'll be off the edge of your seat now as here are the selected polishes:
They'd be a great contrasting nail polishes, maybe I'll do odds and evens with them some day. These particular nail polishes are called 300 Cherry Drop and 200 Sugar Fix which is really cool seeing as Cherry Drops are a favourite sweet of mine which I love when I need some sort of sugar fix. Right let's get on with reviewing and showing the lovely photographs...

First up will be 300 Cherry Drop, this is certainly a bright colour. When I applied the first nail, I thought this must be an uneven part of the solution making it so bright but it wasn't all of the nails are really bright red. It's brilliant and very even coverage you could of left it there are one coat if your going on colour. However the effect wasn't at it's best so a second coat was needed sadly.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

GOT Challenge: Valentines!

This week's theme is Valentine's. This one gave me a lot of ideas but not all of them where really feasible for my skills at the moment but hopefully will in the future! The idea that stuck was a glitter gradient, which I haven't done before so I had help from SheKnow's Glitter Gradient How To to guide me through all the steps.
Today's nail polish is a combination of a golden oldie and one from the Mount Untried. 222 Fuchisa Fun by Maybelline has been rumbling around the collection for about two months as it lost the competition to Pink Bikini from the Colour Show. 350 Diamond Glitter has been a staple in the collection for a while so much so it's been repurchased a few times... Onto the Fuchisa Fun review.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Succumbed to pressure.

When I found out from the lovely bloggers and vloggers of YouTube that the brand Sinful Colors was amazing, I did a little research to find the most popular colours so that I could try them out to which one of them was Cinderella. So popular it was put to the top of the list however when arriving at the store it didn't seem all that appealing therefore it wasn't purchased.
Yet I went out shopping the other day and saw Cinderella by Sinful Colors at the reduced price of £1 therefore it was purchased to see what its like and if it really truly lives up to the hype which was found on YouTube. Here's the first layer application...

Saturday, 8 February 2014

A wish really did come true!!

Now the last post was about some wishes for nail polishes, today I went out shopping for some presents and general bits/bobs and managed to snap up some on the list. How weird is that!?
These are the hidden gems I found, I'll be doing a little mini series of doing two a week seeing as I don't want you guys getting loaded down with them or get bored! (Also don't really want to do them all at once - information overload.) Today's edition will be based upon: 600 Sour Apple and 400 Sweetie. So let's get started!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

GOT Challenge: Green

Hello! This week's choosing of a nail polish was an easy peasy decision seeing as the first ever green polish that was purchased is still my favourite one to this day. Although it hasn't been used in a while therefore it was the one to be picked. After that the design was a little tricky but The Sequined Nail's Metallic Spot Gradient definitely inspired this quick little art design over the top!
These are selected nail polishes; NP 284 by Barry M (It's so old it's lost it's name.) and 819 Sublime Plantine by L'Oreal. The combination was due to the fact they are both metallic polishes meaning they'd compliment each other. Barry M will be the base colour as the Challenge is based on green this week and L'Oreal is the nail art colour. Here's the first coat...

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Another metallic purple nail polish....

Any colour that is a deep purple or dark and metallic I am a sucker for! It's probably due to the fact that there are phases of my favourite colour and any nail polish that falls within the favourite colour of the moment must be purchase immediately. This means that this nail polish had to be accumulated once seen in addition to the fact that it was found at the back of the nail polish stand in another £1 shop. It just can't be helped...
What also didn't help was that this particular colour was on the list of nail polishes from Sinful Colors I would like from the help of YouTube when this lovely brand was discovered therefore there was no logical reason not to purchase it when seen at a reduced price. They say admitting your problem is the first step, I am a £1 shop nail polish bargain hunter. This lovely shade of purple is Fig by Sinful Colors and it goes on the first layer like a dream:

Monday, 3 February 2014

What I am wearing...

This is a little bit of a naughty post seeing as I am trying to stick to a new schedule of posting three days a week which was one of the New Year Resolutions so that I don't run out of steam doing this little blog. However I saw Pause For Polishes's What I'm Wearing! post this morning, then thought I'd show the nails I've got on today seeing as it was a first attempt at a gradient.

Aren't they cool!? Not the best ever gradient in the world (that's why this isn't a full blown post) but I'll improve once I have a few more attempts. Nail polishes used where Rose Porcelaine - Maybelline and 185 Sweet Tart by Revlon with Sally Hansen's Insta-Dry as a top coat. Have you guys done any first attempts in nail art recently? :)

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Weekend Want List

The thing is I've been wanting to show you guys an idea of what I wish I'd get sometime soon for this little blog, however I get too distracted by the cheapness factor of the pound shops then spend all my pennies in there. Yet there are some items I do wish for but it's a bit late in the year to do a January wishlist, so here's my want list as inspired by Essie Button's Weekend Want List.
1. Barry M Chameleon nail polishes (photograph from Barry M Mini Haul by Laura's All Made Up Beauty)
2. Bourjois So Matt Top Coat (photograph from Bourjois Website)
3. Teal the Tide Turns and Seahorsin' Around from China Glaze's new collection(photograph from PR China Glaze - Sea Goddess by WellNailed)
4. Maybelline Color Show Street Art in Green Graffiti (photograph from Colour Show website)
5. OPI AmazON...AmazOFF from the Spring/Summer collection 2014 (photograph from Press Release: Brazil by OPI by Adventures In Acetone)
6. Any Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Special Effect (photograph from Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat and Sugar Coat by Nitro:Licious)
7. Any Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Special Effect (photograph from Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat and Sugar Coat by Nitro:Licious)
8. Barry M Croc Effects (photograph from Boots Website)


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