Thursday, 30 January 2014

GOT Challenge: Dots

Here I am again with a new week's GOT challenge under the title of dots which was pretty hard to put together seeing as it's the use of old nail polishes and the idea was to create a rainbow of dots. However my collection doesn't hold many old bold colours, therefore I'll show you the oldies first and then the addition back up colours. Is that okay? Hopefully not breaking the rules as I've never been a 'rulebreaker' to be truthful.

Square photographs didn't really seem right and this is the best editing I can do to get close to circles so they are in their own little bubbles. Base colour was Cloudy Grey by Maybelline, the golden oldie polishes are Hibiscus by Natural Collection which is really old and a cheaper polish seeing as that's what pocket money would stretch to and an unknown named polish by Miss Sporty which doesn't have a tag as it was purchased at a car boot sale (Really really old!). Finally the additional colours are Bright Purple by Barry M, Orange Attack by Maybelline Colour Show and 296 Water Street Blue by NYC. Right let's get started with the base coat.
I am starting to like the bubbles of photographs, I promise I wont get too attached to them.  Oh! Before I forget the reason the base colour isn't white is due to the fact that my collection currently doesn't hold a white nail polish.There is a lot going on in this post today, edited photographs and a little movie. Don't get your hopes up too much though. Next stage then is adding the different dots therefore here's the film premiere...

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

January’s Polish Party: January Blues

Today has been explore the lovely nail blogging community day which has been a delight and a pleasure seeing as there are many many brilliant bloggers. They've been showing off all their unique talents in different task and sadly I've seen yet another one which I want to be a part of.... It's called the Polish Party and all the participants post once a month to a particular theme - it's not too strenuous! This month's is January Blues seeing as we all get a little bit low this time of year. So here we go!
Seeing as it's under the theme of January Blues, every nail polish is going to be blue in this little post except from the top coat. Base colour is going to be Savage by Sinful Colors seeing as it's not light or dark so all of the colours on top will show up. It's going to be dotty spotty kind of like January rain which happens a lot. Base coat here we go....

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Pinch of Purink (Purple and Pink!)

Here's another instalment of the £1 shop haul (which wasn't meant to of happened - oops) which features the last nail polish! There are some other little bits to the haul that are nail related so no need to be disappointed. Today's nail polish is another one from the brilliant Sally Hansen which at the moment I think is the best but can't get many of them as they are American brand (any Americans want to do swapsises?) Insta-Dri and Xtreme wear collections aren't readily available here, the only ones that are is the salon collection - I forget the name of it seeing as I don't buy it.
Sweet and cute colour! It's called a Pinch of Punch which is a mix between pink and light purple (lilac) which is admittedly quite a summer related colour, I think I am a little summer hopeful at the moment as the weather isn't all that great at the moment and a little too cold for my liking. It needs to warm up slightly. Applying the nail varnish was really easy as the solution is really smooth not gloopy in places. Additionally the brush is much much better than the brush in Sally Hansen Insta-Dry which is harder to paint the nails with.

Good so far but definitely needs another layer as it's partially see through to the eye and would get better coverage. Here goes the application of the second coat of this lovely nail polish.

Once the second layer is on the nail polish is at it's best, a very good colour overall but a little girly for my liking as I am more of a navy girl. Another successful nail polish from Sally Hansen seeing as it applies so well, appears so well and stays on so well without chipping or falling off!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Matte Suede - Wonder what that looks like...

I have to confess that this is another nail polish that was purchase and never used or tested on my nails until now... And I am saddened that I haven't seeing as testing it today was a complete success as the outside of the bottle doesn't do it justice seeing as it's a bit murky after accidentally breaking one of the nail polish bottles in the nail polish tin. The contents inside the bottle look a lot better on the nails!
It's called 933 Emerald City by good old Revlon and it was another nail polish that was purchased from a £1 shop which is the reason why the lettering has disappeared as it's damaged therefore has been sold onto the £1 shops. Hopefully it's still wildly available as it's lush. Here's the evidence to prove it, in form of the first layer:

Friday, 24 January 2014

This is a little different.

Usually all this little posts are rants and raves of how much a product of nail polish has gone down so well on my little nails. However this post is a little different as it's not about a nail polish - shock horror! But you will be relieved when you find out what it is and that it's still a nail polish related product. Follow me and see...

Trio of spots!

A simple design of dots to create a great set of nails. I had realised this evening that I hadn't used the spotting tools since the first try out so they came out of their lovely new packet and I thought through some simple ideas then thought of the simplest of them all: a trio. Then the next hard-ish decision was the colours as there are now too many to choose from, if only I could use every colour I own...
Seeing as the amount of nails I have to paint isn't endless, a theme was decided and then a few select colours were chosen. Pastel which includes 270 Lacey Lilac - Sally Hansen, Turquoise Lagoon - Maybelline, 505 Mind The Gap, Victoria - Rimmel and Rose Porcelaine - Maybelline seeing as these colours complemented each other perfectly. This is the first coat:

Fitting the pastel theme so far, maybe the blue needs to be a little lighter but that's probably the picky-ness coming through a little too much. This isn't being picky but at this point all of the nail polishes needs another layer seeing as none of them are really opaque enough yet to get the best of the polishes overall...

That's much better for my liking which is probably a little bit picky which is becoming apparent through this little blog... Now as mentioned earlier the design is going to be a trio of dots and relatively simple seeing as it's got to look good on both hands. Not brilliant on one and terrible on the other. Additionally a large dotting tool was chosen so that it would fill the nail polish 'frame' as it were and much easier to get three in a straight line. Hopefully like this:

Making sure all the colours were included in the simple art, the accent dot colour was changed every time so that it was the colour of the nail to the left of it (does that make sense? I am not sure...) Simplicity seems to be the best policy seeing as these came out so well aside from the fact that the lines aren't all straight or perfect, this can only really be seen when looking closely! Who'd be doing that except me!?

Thursday, 23 January 2014

GOT Challenge: Blue

Trying to decide what to do for this post was a little bit of a conundrum for myself this week seeing as all the blue nail polish which are in my collection have been purchased fairly recently in my eyes therefore I didn't know whether to 'skip' this week or to use a fairly recent nail polish in the shade of blue. Then inspiration hit when looking through all the other fabulous GOT entries this week - Vic and Her Nails used a crackle nail polish that was blue which they say is due to naivety when purchasing the product. This is similar to mine and the reason for the colour combination. (I'll explain!)

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Red-y Response

Starting this little post is really really hard, I've been twiddling my thumbs for about the last half an hour so it's just going to start like this. Anyone who has read my blog for a little while or a long while will probably know that magnetic nail polish is a must in the collection of mine. And yet another magnetic nail polish has been added to the ever growing collection when I accidentally popped into the £1 shops the other day as mentioned in this confession, I'll have to apologise to my purse at some point but here's the offending magnetic article...

Monday, 20 January 2014

UFO - Bright and Sparkly!

Hello readers! It's not a brilliant day today weather wise where I am sitting and typing this little post for you guys but the nail polish I have chosen to review today will certainly cheer you up or better put brighten you up. It's just such a bright colour and really stands out especially the nail polish which is the added effect, making your nails shine..
This is the base colour for my nails so that the lovely new glitter will be bold and stand out from other nails! The base colour is 440 Siren by Revlon which has been feature before on this blog... And the name is an indication of how bright it is, believe me! The application was brilliant seeing as it's quite opaque in it's first layer and easy to apply to the nails as the solution was correct consistency and the brush was simple therefore fine to use.
Still bright enough to blind the eyes?! These photographs show I need a slight improvement on my edges of nail lines as I have left a bit out - oops. Following adding the second coat, a top coat was added to strengthen the nail seeing as there going to be on the nails for a while. Then the fun starts as now is the applying of the orange glitter on top of the bright orange nail polish:
Doesn't it look fun and funky? The coloured glitter that has been added was a bargain at £1 from the £1 shop, it's UFO by Sinful Colors therefore it may be a discontinued line seeing as it's going cheap. But it's very very cool and a brilliant nail polish (if you can get your paws on it, then do so.)

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Just couldn't resist!

When I received the striping brushes I made a promise that I'd wait until all the nail art stuff ordered had arrived so that they could be used at the same time. However that didn't happen as they were used in the first GOT challenge, so I said that I'd wait for the last two items to arrive together but yet again that didn't happen.... Dotting tools arrived today and my nails are now dotted and spotted!

These are the Dotting Tools that I ordered which I got from Amazon which came when they said they would and are brilliant so far (A little shorter than expected as I thought they'd be pencil length but there a tad shorter!) as it's totally easy to put dots on your nails on both hands which is a total plus seeing as one hand is normally not as good as the other. For the base, a darker colour was needed but not too dark that the other colours wouldn't show up so 381 Jade Green by Rimmel Pro was chosen.
For the dots, it really needed to be many different colours and in random places so that if it went wrong on the first attempt it wouldn't look too bad I decided. Therefore all the dots are made up of these colours:
Which are; Bright Purple - Barry M, Orange Attack. - Maybelline Colour Show, Savage - Sinful Colors and 325 Hot Gossip - Rimmel Pro. Do you think it's a good combo? Maybe should of added a bright yellow seeing as there are all the other main colours, oh well. Here are the results of the dotting and spotting.

Pretty pleased seeing as it's artist nails which have gone better than I thought they would, the next design I would like to do is like a sunset with dots which I have seen on Youtube by a lovely blogger but I cant remember them - oops and sorry! But overall these nails are really simple to but you do need dotting tools, however there are things you can use from around the house to create this effect such as pins so there's no major need to purchase the tools as I told myself when buying them....

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Colour in a minute!

Yes it's another nail polish review! But this colour is amazing and also there is a severe lacking in nail art skill at the moment as proved from my last nail art post... I am ashamed to say that this nail polish was purchased a while back and has never been tried or tested up until now seeing as I was probably more interested in other nail polishes (they may have been magnetic...) so here's the first try of this nail polish!

Friday, 17 January 2014

Hopeful of summer nail polish...

Whilst doing my nails for the little blog, I've realised that I am probably too hopeful that summer is on it's way slowly but surely as all the colours which have been picked at the moment are pastel and bright which are meant to be summer colours. Probably trying to avoid the fact that it's not even spring yet, we are still in winter and will be for a while...

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Oops I did it again!

I managed to accidentally pop into a £1 shop and accidentally found some nice nail polishes, found my way to the till and accidentally paid for these lovely nail polishes. These £1 shops should give me a loyalty card as I am there so much and buying things especially nail polish, I am such a sucker for the fact that everything's only £1. They saw me coming.
The reason for them being only a £1 is that they are outdated seasonal colours or that the collection has been discontinued therefore these are going to be harder to find if they need replacing. These three nail polishes which were purchased are UFO by Sinful Colors which looks amazing it's bright orange glitter in many different sizes so I am buzzing to try that out! Next is yet another magnetic nail polish - I am obsessed at the moment called Red-y Response by Sally Hansen. It is the same pattern as Silver Elements which is already in the collection but the colour is fab and much red-er in colour than in the photograph. The final nail polish is another Sally Hansen which is 440 Pinch of Punch in the Xtreme Wear collection which I also love at the moment.
Now the next items I only realised they were there when a member of staff said that they were reduced to 25p each (I have yet to work out the reason why... I'll tell you if I find out.) but they just needed to be tried on the blog at that price!

They are Sally Hansen nail effects which are going to be amazing especially 360 All Laced Up to try out, the only downside I can see already is that they are for larger fingernails which I don't have so they are going to have to be downsize in some way. Any tips or tricks? Anyway for 25p each I think it's worth a shot and all of it will be shown on this little blog. I'll be back later on with the reviews and swatches, I just had to show someone the little splurge!

GOT Polish Challenge: Stripes

So here's the next stage in this lovely challenge, this week is stripes which is going to mean many different colours of the oldest nail polish I own and the use of good old selotape seeing as the striping tape hasn't yet arrived therefore I apologise in advance for the neatness of the stripes! The nail polishes which are having the dust removed as we speak are:
Now one of the nail polishes is such an oldie that a) it's not a big brand name and b) I don't know where it was purchased so sorry that I cannot lead you to were it was purchased but it's on it's last legs anyway! So it's a gold nail polish by IMAGE and Gemey Paris by MNY Maybelline which does have a gold speckle inside the black colour. The combination which was the aim was a black and gold stripe seeing as it's always a good colour combination!

Not what I was hoping for in neatness of lines but they do stand out as they are such contrasting colours and the striping tape will be here soon! Definitely makes a great difference to the normality of the one colour on my nails, there'll be more where this came from! It's just practise makes perfect so they will improve with time practise and watching tips/tricks on youtube... As well as these nail polishes I have been using Sally Hansen Insta-Dry over most recent nail polishes, it's now used all the time as it drys so quickly and lasts forever. Give it a try! Hope you liked the attempt at strips, see you soon.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Another favourite of mine...

...This isn't a new purchase but it's one which comes off of the shelf regularly as it's well used on my nails. Now this colour was a jump into unknown territory seeing as mostly I choose bright and in your face colours whereas this one is a mute and calm colour. The reasoning for the choosing is that at the time black, white and greys were very much in fashion which meant I was paying attention to fashion for once!
Now the name isn't as bright and cheerful as the rest of the nail polish collection seeing as it's called Cloudy Grey which doesn't really inspire me as much. But the colour is lovely for non-colour, as it's plain and simple which is good for a change from the rainbow. It also matches all the this season clothes I own. So here's the first layer:

So far so good? It appears so! Applying this nail polish was good and bad in places, there was some streaking in places but it disappears once the second layer is applied. Pro points were that the solution was lovely consistency and really opaque meaning you can't see underneath. 2nd layer is here...

There you go! They came out really well and really quite neat for my nails which is a plus. Now I am not really sure that this nail polish is still available seeing as it's yet another purchase from a £1 shop but this the Colour Show collection by Maybelline has a colour similar to this called Cool Touch. Or there's always the usual Amazon or Ebay if you love this one that much. I probably will when this one runs out...


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