Thursday, 26 June 2014

Appearance of a Wet n Wild: First Class Only.

This is a first for this little blog channel to have a Wet n Wild, sadly it's not the current ones that I drool over through Bloglovin'. Instead it's a bargain Spoiled Wet n Wild which was picked up the ever famous Poundshops at the reduced price of 50p. (Sorry bargains are ingrained into myself...) Yet that doesn't mean it's inferior, the results came out really well as you can see here:

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Easy nail art: Three Waves.

It's no secret that nail art makes rare appearances on this little blog but today is an exception. This is a simple nail art combination which has been used by many nail bloggers so I can't sadly pinpoint where this design came from - it certainly wasn't me! Spring has come to a close soon however my colour choice radar hasn't realised this yet, they are still a great love so they are going to appear today:
Aren't they a cute combination!? Well they are all pastels so they were all going to match anyway. They are 702 Marshmallow Heaven - Rimmel, 100 Pink Blink - Sally Hansen Insta-Dry and Huckleberry - Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine.  So onto the base coat and then the design!

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The Sugar Coats Return: 250 Spare A Mint?

Today's a swatch day and it's a reappearance from one of the many notorious Poundshop hauls that I've secretly been on. As well as this it's a returning favourite of mine which has been featured heavily in the past - even had a mini series found here. It's the Sugar Coat polishes! 
This lovely looking teal polish is called 250 Spare A Mint? by Sally Hansen in the Sugar Coat collection. As mentioned it's teal nail polish that's a tad darker than the normal teal colours as it's more on the blue than green-ish side. It's a special effect polish due to the fact it's texturized to look like your nails have had a coating of sugar on them! Let's get onto the swatches which we are all here for:

Saturday, 14 June 2014

10 Amazing Polishes in £10!

It's a brilliant way to find amazing products at the poundshops which have been springing up on the highstreet especially nail polishes. However it's not so good when they are swatched once for this little blog and then disappear forever into the stash never to be seen again. So today's going to be the 10 makeup products in £10 tag but with a little Addicted to nails... twist:
It's going to be 10 polishes which add up to exactly £10 seeing as 90% of these chosen polishes were purchased in the poundshops! Except one which came from a local 99p shop instead. Just to say this post isn't bragging about the bargains which have been claimed and also doesn't mean you should all run out and spend all you hard earn pennies in the poundshops either. Okay? Here we go:

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Going out on the town material: Rose Chic by Maybelline Colour Show

There's always those evenings that you are going out celebrating with friends and family - an occasion. When you've got painted nails but they just don't quite cut it for the event. Here's the polish to fill that gap, it's relatively new release and it's amazing for the amount of effort put in for the result that you receive. This little polish is called Rose Chic from the collection Crystallize by Maybelline Colour Show:  

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Nail Polish Haul: Overload...

Firstly there's a warning at the start of this post as it's quite photograph heavy. Additionally these polishes weren't all purchased on the same day, not even the same week, they were purchased over about two/three-ish months. (They were meant to be about three posts but that never happened) So don't freak out if you think I've broken the bank... But basically this post is a little haul of polishes from a range of different places over a great deal of time. Here we go:
S006 Tattle Tell, S050 First Class Only, S013 Fizzy Dice and S033 Vitamin C - Spoiled by Wet n Wild. These lovelies came in pairs from Poundworld making them a steal at 50p each.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Flying Visit Nail Art: Pink Blink by Sally Hansen and Snow Me White by Sinful Colors

It's a flying visit today with some nail art but not a lot of text sadly. In my news feed there was some lovely Lace Nail Art by the brilliant Handtastic Intentions, which I just needed to have on my nails therefore an attempt was made:
These polishes are the ones used in this pretty little manicure. They are Pink Blink by Sally Hansen and Snow Me White by Sinful Colors. They were used due to the fact they are complimentary colours! Here's the actual manicure:

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Appearance of another duotone: Mediterranean by Barry M

When this collection first appeared, the hype didn't really reach myself as duotones haven't gone down well in the past. However once this polish was swatched, I was completely converted to duotones as it really appear to be two colours at once as well as having a lot of staying power on the nails. The amazing collection which has converted the feelings towards duotones is Barry M's Aquarium collection. And today is going to feature another one of these lovely polishes:
Now it's a little different from the usual nail polish palette which are normally swatched but I promise you it's a great colour choice. It's called Mediterranean from Aquarium collection by Barry M, the duotone effect is between orange and a rose gold. (sort of - not really any other way to describe it!) It appears metallic orange in everyday light and then the rose gold appears when moving your hands and in brighter light. Shall we go ahead and see the swatches?

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

May Polish Favourites

It's the end of May and the start of June which hopefully means summer weather coming into full swing. However today's post is going to mark the end of May with a little favourites post seeing as there has been many polishes which have been especially loved during May. So I thought I'd pass on the wonders of these little bottles.


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