Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Another installment: Barry M Speedy's Full Throttle

The first Barry M Speedy (Pit Stop) went down so well, there just had to be another one to review as I did have quite a splurge in town when I bought these polishes! So next up on the list is Full Throttle, which is a pastel orange colour. This was certainly an impulse decision as it's not a colour I normally go for. But I saw it and needed to have it, surprisingly I don't regret it even when bringing it home or wearing it. If you need evidence follow me...

It certainly grows on you for sure. Through application, I was thinking 'why I have I bought this polish, it's so streaky!' yet after three coats it was finished to perfection. There's no real streaks at the end, it was an easy polish to apply with the formula and lovely new brush. Obviously the collection makes it a quick polish to dry. Overall I'm really pleased with Full Throttle, I would normally complain over three coats. But it dries so quickly, I'll keep my mouth zipped up! 


  1. This looks gorgeous on your nails! I've not tried any of the speed dry polishes yet but I am always so impressed with Barry M polishes, I will have to pick this one up when I fly home! :) xx

    1. The speedy ones are brilliant, I may have to pick up some of the new autumn colours! :)

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