Thursday, 3 April 2014

GOT Challenge: Pastel

Hello, it's that time of the week again! But it's going to be rather a quick post seeing as I've got to go out again in just a moment - sorry. Today's theme is pastel which is quite surprising that it's gone so well as normally these colours aren't picked first when buying. However today has three very complimentary colours:
The names of these lovely polishes are; 503 Mind The Gap, Victoria by Rimmel 60 Seconds, 145 Porceline Pink by Maybelline Forever Strong and 320 Blue Sky by NYC in a minute. When planning this little post it was decided seeing as the last few that I could remember were basic colours, I'd add some spots on to the nails at the end!

That was just the first coats which shows how streaky some of these lovely looking polishes can appear at first. But it does get better with the second coat, there is only one annoyance I had applying these polishes which was the brush with the NYC polish. It was separated in the middle making it really hard to apply! Other than that it was fine, here's the second coat:

A perfect base for the spots to be added, as they are all even with this coat no streaky areas. The only imperfection was the nick on the smallest finger - which can be covered with a few spots. Applying spots is so much fun especially when doing it with the better hand...

Very dotty spotty crazy nails! The pastel tones really compliment each other as they aren't too bright, they just blend nicely. Doing nails with spots is so easy that I think I am bombarding you guys with them, so I have good news that I am going to attempt to use striping brushes and tape in the next few days so hopefully you'll have something different! Check out all the other challenge entries as I am sure they are amazing.

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