Saturday, 19 April 2014

A Blast From The Past: MNY 445 and 447

Good morning readers! Hope you are all well this lovely day, this mood I am in is too happy for my normal self. The reason for this happiness has yet to be established... Just whittling down some more loved but not yet shown to you guys polishes today. They are a slight blast from the nail polish collection past as they are the first ever polishes bought from a pound shop. From then I've been addicted to purchasing polishes from these shops!
These polishes were chosen from the pound shop seeing as they are from the brand Maybelline, instead of brands which you've never even heard of inside the pound shop. Sadly these don't have really call names like Maybelline polishes do now, they are called 445 and 447. Let's start with 445:

There's no breakdown of the coats, I was be a tad forgetful when taking the photographs and forgot to do the whole first coat so the post is slightly different as there's two polishes. 445 is a lovely gold shimmer polish - kind of looks like texturized polish but without the texture? It's a bright gold, not a rose gold either. It's somewhere in between. Overall the polish was easy to apply as solution and the brush was simple but effective.

Next up is 447. This polish was really hard to do justice in the photographs, as the black polish has a gold shimmer running through it - both in the bottle and on the nails. Brilliant colour for a night out as it's got an edge to it. 447 was also very easy to apply to the nails as it has a normal flat edged brush making it not tricky to get neat edges when applying the polish. Solution wise 447 was perfect also. Overall I'd recommend these polishes if you're lucky enough to find them! p.s. my giving up buying polishes is over soon so they'll be current polishes soon if you're getting fed up of old polishes...

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