Saturday, 9 August 2014

Another brand feature: Essence is coming!

It's going to be appearing on this little blog, after a few colours just happened to be picked up whilst out in town the other day after venturing into Wilkinson's to check they were there and they were! Aren't these just so cute? They all look lovely colours for the summer season that is currently upon us especially the Sparkle Sand effect one, can't wait to see if any of the other 'trend' polishes are released locally.

From first looks, they appear to have a great shaped brushes seeing as they are straight edge with a slight curved edge meaning your able to get a great bottom edge to the nails hopefully. These colours were chosen as they appear really pigmented (on the stand there were a few that didn't appear so) as well as being cute summer colours. The names are; 138 L.O.L., 109 off to Miami!, 128 Let's get lost and 182 Hello rosy. What do you guys think of the selection? At first glance there appears to be every colour imaginable and at £1.60 a polish you could probably get them all for that. Let's wait and see how they turn out...

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