Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Going For Bold: Coral by Barry M

It's a Barry M polish however it's not a Gelly Hi-Shine polish today! Instead it's the regular polishes which are as good as the others but with an amazing shade range including some bright ones. This one is called Coral and it's a tad bright, different from the more pastel corals out there on the market... as you'll see in these photographs:

The photographs don't quite do it justice sadly, in reality this polish is a little bit brighter. It catches the corner of your eyes when wearing it.  Coral was picked up on a whim really, as it was on offer at The Factory Shop for the silly price of £1.50. (which seems quite different from the normal price!) Yet it appears this is a very popular polish being highest on the Barry M polishes on Amazon. Application was easy peasy in two coats, the brush was simple to work with and the wear of this polish was fabulous as it lasted a full day at work. This is quite an achievement. So thumbs up definitely! Do you guys have a way of testing your polishes? As you can probably tell my way is wearing it to work, it sorts out the best from the rest.

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