Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Barry M's Autumn Collection. (Just a few.)

Aren't these just lovely colours for autumn, not too in your face. Nice and simple, they are from the lovely Barry M as part of the Autumn collection. You may have noticed that the whole Autumn collection isn't all here, there's one missing seeing as it'll probably never be worn again so there's no need to purchase it. (That's a new mantra.) Anyway there are five others from the collection so there isn't load missing, let's get onto more photographs of these polishes.

They look so lovely in their bottles, nice and bold if you ask me. They are called: Cardamom, Paprika, Chilli, Mustard and Chai. Yummy names too! Hopefully they'll be that yummy on the nails. So far it's been that way with Cardamom which has already been sneakily tested before this post, which was just like any other Gelly Hi-Shine polish: Easy to apply, nice and opaque, appearing gelly like. Liking the sound of these polishes? Well your in luck they'll be appearing very soon...

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