Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Sparkly and Pretty: Rimmel's Luna Love

They've been found! You thought maybe I'd see less of them now that I've moved to university but they've been weaselled out - it's the poundshops. So you'll still be seeing regular updates on the little bargains which have been located, and today's no exception with Rimmel's Luna Love from the Space Dust collection. It's so sparkly and pretty.

Are you in love with Luna Love polish? It appears that I may have fallen head over heals for this little pink polish. It applies really well for a full glitter polish, sometimes they can just become lumpy in certain areas, yet this one seems to apply like a normal polish covering every area of the nail. It only needs two coats! It goes on so well and dries so well, I may even be tempted to buy other polishes in this collection at full price - this one was snapped up at a poundshop again...

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