Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Seven Polishes Perfect for Autumn.

It's almost here and it's the best time of the year, do you know what it is?! It's the season of autumn and it's the best because you get to layer up in loads of snuggly clothes so you're nice and toastie. Also autumn has all the best colours as well, they're all nice deep and rich colours, today's going to be the top picks of polishes worn this season. Come and see...

Do you see any polishes you recognise? If you follow this little blog, then you probably do as these polishes are worn quite a lot... But they'll still be a nice lowdown on each of them for you just in case you haven't come across little Addicted To Nails... before. Shall we get onto the important bit then?
First up is Barry M's Red Wine which is a lovely deep red nail polish instead of the typical bright red which can be seen throughout autumn and winter. The colour is why this polish is loved so much in addition to the fact it's easy to apply. The next polish is a recently new addition but it's still a brilliant colour for autumn seeing as it's an autumn collection polish - Barry M's CardamomCardamom is a muted green polish with hints of a grey undertone, it's nearly a statement colour which is a lovely effect. (This one is also simple to apply on the nails.) If your looking for a stand out polish for autumn, Revlon's Rain Forest is the recommendation I'd apply. This polish is a dark green polish that is total shimmer, it catches lights perfectly to make it appear as if it's sparkling. Somehow it also isn't a total glitter polish which makes it lovely to remove after a night out. Maybelline's Mauve Kiss is probably more an all year nail polish staple yet it appears here as it's just so well loved. This is the perfect natural/nude nail polish, blends in with the hands and looks very sophisticated. Sadly OPI's William Tell Me About OPI hasn't been swatched yet for your viewing pleasure, that doesn't mean it isn't as brilliant as the rest of the feature polishes. It's a lovely deep purple that hasn't been found in any other nail polish, it applies in two coats and looks amazing with any autumn outfit. A little bit of an autumn throwback is Maybelline's Cloudy Grey as it was heavily worn in previous autumn/winters, Cloudy Grey is a lovely grey polish as it's just that colour no undertones or effects. Also it's easy and simple to apply with a relatively quick drying time. Finally is Barry M's Watermelon which you must be pretty sick of seeing it so much on this blog. But I promise you that it's worth the price if you buy it, Watermelon is a deep green/blue that applies opaque in two coats and is just a really nice colour. The idea you can wear something too much and get bored of it doesn't apply to this nail polish.

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