Saturday, 22 November 2014

Trying Some More Natural Polishes: NYC's Park Ave.

Recently natural or light brown coloured polishes have been a favourite as they don't stand out too much on your nails, yet there's been a little bit of a rut seeing as only Maybelline's Mauve Kiss has been the only one used. So when I was picking up some NYC polishes, I thought about trying a new natural nail polish by them. Here it is, it's called Park Ave and there loads more photographs below.

The fact that the polish doesn't totally blend with my skintone is definitely a positive, it's not totally unnoticeable to the eye. There's also subtle grey undertone running through the polish which is also a plus point. Park Ave was as lovely to apply as the other NYC polishes; the brush has a straight edge, the solution isn't too runny or gloopy and doesn't streak. However Park Ave did take three coats to apply which was kind of expected but it's worth it for the end result. Got any polishes that are more effort that you still put up with? I think I may just put up with it, to get the lovely nude/natural nails at the end... 


  1. I really love colours like this! It reminds me of China Glaze Below Deck, maybe less mauve-y though!

    1. This colour is so brilliant, nice for any occasion! I'll have to check that China Glaze out... :)



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