Saturday, 20 December 2014

Refreshing and Lemon-y: Revlon's Sorbet.

Hopefully your eyes are still intact after seeing this vibrant yellow and orange polish! Believe it or not, this polish on your nails will grow on you as I also was in the 'this colour can't work camp'. Yet here it is on the nails! This is yet another fabulous polish from Revlon's Colourstay collection, if only it was on the British high-street. It's called Sorbet which definitely reminds you of a lovely peach and passion fruit sorbet dessert. Want another scoop? Come through for more...

Despite the fact it's nearly Christmas, this polish would be brilliantly suited to the summer season as it's vibrant and in your face. If your a polish addict, you'll probably be able to get away with it at any time though. This one was a little more effort to apply as it needed three layers but the colour payback is worth it, without it appears a little washed out. There are still the normal positives from Revlon, the brush is another simple and effective one and the solution is easy to apply as isn't gloopy or runny. There's a thumbs up here, even though there was an initial reluctance to put it on, hopefully you'll be seeing this one again in a more appropriate season!


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