Thursday, 13 March 2014

GOT Challenge: Purple

It's another Golden Oldie challenge, which was really easy to decide this week seeing as this particular polish has been chosen out of the collection for quite some time. Not only was it the first purple polish I bought, it's probably one of the first that I purchased for myself. Meaning it's been around a while!
This lovely little polish is by Barry M and called 161 Vivid Purple which is a brilliant name for the polish as it describes it perfectly. However the name isn't all that exciting. It's a dark purple with a metallic shimmer effect to it which isn't too over powering. Brilliant for an evening out with friends or family!

Brilliant coverage and opacity in the first coat, so much so you could probably be lazy and leave it there which I sometimes do... It wasn't as easy to apply as it used too which is due to the fact that it's old and has been left open on occasion meaning slightly gloopier than the usual solution. Onto the second and final coat.

Brilliant looking nails I do believe. Well I'd hope you guys would agree... From previous experience of the polish, I can say that it lasts well on the nails and doesn't chip too badly meaning it can be on your nails for a while. Also there's no staining when the nail polish does eventually come off. Overall a thumbs up for this particular polish. (That's why it's been in the stash so long!)  



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