Friday, 21 March 2014

A Swatch and Review of Mama-San...

It has been a hectic week! So much so I've realised that yesterday there was no post for you guys, so there's going to be one today instead and apologies for my forgetfulness. The reasoning behind the forgotten post is that there's been quite of overtime floating around at work, I believe I've done triple my normal hours. I am overwhelmed, anyway on to the post I promised.
 This lovely looking bottle has been floating around the stash for a few weeks as the brighter colour have been chosen to be swatched first mainly as they catch the eye! And yes this is yet another nail polish from the brand Sinful Colors, I think I am trying to make up for lost time of not knowing about the brand by getting so many more at once. It's a little obsession at the moment.
The colour can be described as a light pink in colour with the added extra of it being metallic as well. It's a little too dark for the collection but it does look a little similar to the Barry M Silks collection however this one is a gloss finish. I'd better also disclose to you guys that this is a Poundland find, so I am not quite sure how new this little one is. It's probably from one of their collections... Onto the swatches!

Now I am going to have to be honest at this point as it may look very nice on the nails, it wasn't as nice to apply. The solution sadly is very runny which made it a pain to apply to the nails, as you thought all the excess was off then some polish would run down the brush from the top - meaning too much on the nail! And some on the table by accident... Here's the second coat.

That really does look nice on the nails, also very metallic at this point. The colour appears very close to sink colour with a hint of brownish colour in it instead of being bright pink. Overall it's good however the really runny solution was a con for me as it's more effort when applying! Ever had one polish that's not great in a favourite collection? 

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