Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Bright and Sunny: Sally Hansen's Man-Go Team!

Starting posts is always a pain, so instead of sitting here staring at the screen for all eternity I thought I'd mumble on about the downsides of writing posts meaning that the post would have an introduction... Oh and hello to you lovely readers also would be nice to say also! Insta-Dry has been very successful in my little nail polish stash therefore if another one is spotted in a colour which is bold and bright, it must be bought. This polish was no exception to that rule.
It's rather bright but it's a good colour from first appearances. It's similar to the brightness of orange juice however not quite as orange in colour - if that makes any sense at all. The name of this polish is 30 Man-Go Team! by Sally Hansen in the Insta-Dry collection, so let's give it a first coat test.


A lovely colour at the moment however it was a tad difficult to apply as it came out streaky on the nails seeing as it's such an opaque polish. Saying that the brush within the polish was simple and easy to use, it's just the solution which made it hard to apply. Hopefully it'll be evened out in the second coat.

It's looking much better across the nails for the coverage of the polish, also it's looking a fantastic colour as it just catches the corner of your eye whilst wearing it. It makes you want to just stop and check your nails every five minutes. Ever had this sort of colour which you can't stop looking at? As mentioned before a minus point to this polish is the unevenness to which it applies but if you take some time with it, it'll look just fine.


  1. I have this and I love it. A good thick top coat sorts out any sins of unlevelling. Yellows are always a bit tricky!

    1. Yes the top coat did sort everything out. My yellows are certainly a little tricky sometimes!



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