Thursday, 10 April 2014

GOT Challenge: Coral

Today's GOT Challenge is Coral which was a little problem seeing as I wasn't really sure what this colour was. It's been floating around nail polish blogging but I wasn't sure if it was pink or orange, meaning I google searched it. It's a mixture of the two! That lead to a second problem seeing I don't own any of these colours, so the next best colour was chosen:
It's a polish from the pile of the great unused polishes and it's been around about a year so hopefully it qualifies for the challenge. The name is 460 Orange Couture by Maybelline Forever Strong Pro but still has a tiny hint of pink undertone despite the name saying otherwise. Here's the first coat...

The first coat went on like a dream - really easy and simple to apply, opaque across all of the nails and no streaks also. It could of been left there however I am a two coat person so a second coat had to be applied to the nail just in case it was better this way as well as making the nail polish a little thicker to last longer.

For me the second coat just finished it off. The polish looks brilliant across all the nails as it's really even in coverage and opaqueness. I'd say this is more of a summery colour seeing as it's slightly more orange than coral in colour. However this polish went on so well the rest of the collection may need testing! Be sure to check out the other GOT entries as I am sure they are all super cute!


  1. It's lovely! Coral is one of my tried and true favorites.

    1. Coral is your favourite colour?! See mine's purple and thanks. :)



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