Saturday, 19 July 2014

A Fresh Bright Blue: Rimmel's Too Cool To Tango

Today is Saturday and this is going to be a swatch post, making this swatch Saturday! It's another Rimmel polish which was done by pure accident, it's not pure love and I promise some different brands next week for a change. Too Cool To Tango is a brilliant pastel blue with a slight edge seeing as it's a little bit brighter than a normal pastel making it perfect for summer. (Instead of the spring pastels.) Shall we see more of this lovely polish?

See it's just such a pretty pastel nail polish. Especially as it has a brilliant finish without being streaky or patchy across the nails. Application wise it's pretty simple, it does appear streaky on the first coat but that's all removed with a second coat or even a third if you want to be ultra sure. The solution is lovely and the brush is really handy also as it's not too wide making it hard to paint smaller nails. What'd you guys think of this unusual pastel? Love or hate? It's probably pretty clear which side I am on from all the drooling...

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