Thursday, 17 July 2014

A Few Favourites: Rimmel!

Seeing as Rimmel may have appeared in a little rave about underrated polishes recently, I thought would be a brilliant idea to demonstrate total love for the brand by showing a few favourites that are regularly used. Therefore confirming my appreciation. As well as this, the colours involved are very much summer orientated so can be used from now until the first sign of autumn. So shall we get down to it? 

Here they all are in all their lovely glory (Maybe a little over the top...) out in the sunshine for a change. They are a mixture of Rimmel I Heart Lasting Finish and Rimmel 60 seconds as doing two separate posts was a little tricky for colours that have been swatched and maybe a tad too much.
Here we go, first up is Block Your Green which is a very opaque colour to say the least. However it's a brilliant polish to apply as you could easily get away with one coat due to the opaqueness of the polish. As well as having a greatly designed brush to make it super nice to apply with a great solution polish. Next we have Grey Matter which may not seem like the greatest summer shade but if you have too many bright colours they all seem to blend after a while. So this is a great separator shade for being a tad different. This is a two coat polish as it's not a very opaque polish but once all layered up, it looks very sophisticated on. Following that is Wedge Of Lime, it's a true summer colour - almost neon but not quite! It can appear a little streaky in the first coat but that all disappears by the second, leaving a magical bright green nails behind. Almost enhancing any tan you have, believe me that's hard with mine. The name definitely describes well in this case, it's Instyle Coral. This polish is a very wearable coral colour for everyday with an edge. It's easy to apply and gets great results with it's colour, this is a real recommendation. A newbie to the stash and Rimmel collection is Loafer Love For You which is the closest you'll get to Sally Hansen's Pacific Blue. Applies in two coats with brilliant brush, resulting in a lovely light blue nails. Finally is Stuck In The Mud which is the perfect nude/natural polish. Even though it hasn't appeared on here yet, the wear on the nails it's had is unrivalled. This polish applies in two coats onto the nail, wears well as a colour as well as very durable. If your planning to get a nude polish this is the one. So what do you think of the selection? Any you guys would do differently as the opportunity to get more polishes never gets missed.

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