Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Top Picks: Blue and Navy

Navy is probably one of the all time favourite colours (and blue). It appears on nails, it's the colour of all my clothing, most of the stuff I own is this colour. The only thing that isn't navy/blue is my actual room seeing as that might be a little dark if it was navy. So it'll come as no surprise that there's a whole post dedicated to the top picks of the blue polishes in the stash including the favourites and the most used polishes.

Here they are. The ones with the prettiest colours, easiest application and brilliant effects. They've all been used countless times either on my nails or those around me who've been heavily persuaded. Shall their names be revealed and the brilliance marvelled in?  

The first on is a crackle polish named 315 Nail Effects it's a little different seeing as it's blue instead of the usual black or white. Even though crackle has gone out of fashion in the nail polish world, it's still a favourite here as it's just a simple effect which creates another layer to your manicure. Up next is Co-Bolt Blue a fantastic one coat wonder nail polish, it's metallic and was found in a poundshop. Therefore it may be a little hard to find, yet it's worth it seeing as it looks amazing on as well as drying super quickly and having a curved brush for easy application. Following that is Mind The Gap, Victoria. It's more a blue than a navy as it's nearly a pastel blue. But this isn't your typical pastel due to the fact it's got a grey hint to it. Making it a more sophisticated colour rather than a baby pastel blue. This one has been worn countless times! Blackberry is a true navy polish. At times it can appear more black than blue as it's such a dark polish, but this definitely isn't a bad thing as the polish just appears brilliantly. Used heavily for nights out and family gatherings. The name describes this polish perfectly Navy Glint, it's a dark navy polish with a glint or shimmer running through it to lighten it up. The shimmer effect is a first in the stash making it really different from the rest therefore a top pick! Finally a rather opaque polish is Navy Seal from the fab Rimmel Pro Lyrca. It's another polish with a hint of grey with a brilliant solution (you could probably get away with one coat), really easy application brush and it dries really well to last. Navy Seal is a polish for everyday wear, not to fancy but still elegant. 

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