Friday, 11 July 2014

What a name: Waikiki by Barry M.

Matte as an effect has always be a 'meh', never really catching any attention in the nail polish stash seeing as it never really appeared to make a truly different effect on the nails. Yet when the beloved Barry M released some bold and bright matte polishes, they were picked up on the radar. Even purchased and given a go:

Waikiki as a name is eye catching in itself, but look at the colour of it. It's slightly less bright on the nails in normal light, but it's sunny all the time now so it may appear more like the photographs. Applying matte polishes has always been a hindrance for myself as the second coat never seems to apply evenly due to the matte first coat. Yet this didn't happen with Waikiki as the solution was slight runnier than usual to help extra coats. Yippee! Overall this polish is lovely because it's nice to apply and a great unusual colour for the summer as it's different. Probably not the best highlighter of my skin tone but oh well... 


  1. I'm loving the name of this nail polish :p the colour is gorgeous too, I'm a big fan of bright colours :D great post x

    1. The name is great, not quite sure how it's pronounced yet though... Bright colours are definitely the best! :)



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