Friday, 28 March 2014

A Little Sweetness With Sally Hansen's Strawberry Icing.

All things sweetness and light can be a little too much for myself at times, therefore these cute-sy colours are very much restricted in the stash of polish seeing as bright and bold are more sort of my thing when it comes to nails. However today is going to be a very cute and girly polish...
It's called Strawberry Icing by Sally Hansen in the Xtreme Wear collection, as it was being sold at a £1 the risk that it was a sweet/cute was overlooked. Strawberry Icing does give a little hint as to what it looks like, it's a pink shimmer nail polish which initially I thought was a nail topper but I was wrong...

This first coat came out much better than expected, I thought it would be clear across the nails but it's covered across them all instead! Strawberry Icing is a light bright pink as it's not a baby pink colour. With the additional silver/pink shimmer as well. Here's to the second coat.

Is it growing on you? As it's definitely growing on me as a colour which normally isn't like my choice of colours at all. This polish is more a two coat wonder than one, seeing as it's much more opaque and covered in the second coat. Finish wise Strawberry Icing is a gloss finish which goes with the colour/shimmer quite well, however matte finish would be even better still. Are you guys liking the change in colour? It's definitely different from all the navy and crackle polishes! p.s. Sorry for the late post again this week, soon I'll be in blogger detention for lack of scheduled posts...


  1. I have always seen these in poundland but always ended up going for something else! Actually really like this colour, a bit more "Pop" and "Fun" too it than a darker red! x

    1. Normally I miss this ones at the pound shops, but they wasn't really anything on my last trip so I decided to give them a whirl! It definitely has an edge to a normal colour. :)



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