Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Another Sinful Colors...

This brand is slowly but surely going up in my estimations and also growing in quantity in the nail polish stash. They just seem such great nail polishes in colour and price quality. And when I just went into Boots to add some more extra points to my card (Which I'd definitely recommend if your a large polish purchaser at Boots) I saw there was another collection which had come out at the top of the stand. It's called Almost Famous and when I saw this particular polish, I just HAD to have it as I loved it. You know that feeling?
It's a dark but bright red with small red glitter running through out - almost like tiny glitter! The collection title is really fitting to the nail polish seeing as it's very glamorous like the dresses actresses where to big awards (You can tell here I pay loads of attention to celebrities...) So lets get the first coat on of Sugar Sugar by Sinful Colors:

Looking really good so far as the coverage is excellent at this point. There isn't any streaking or shading difference across all of the nails. It's looking to be a good £1.99 spent with this first coat of polish, now all that needs to happen is for the second coat to go so well!

Now these nails do the colour of the bottle justice, seeing as sometimes polishes differ from polish and the nails but these don't at all which was the worry when buying the bottle as it's not that great if the polish looks not as cool on the nail. Sugar Sugar was brilliant to apply as the consistency of the polish was just right and simple to apply. I'd have to say this is a cheap impulse buy that went really well... Have you guys had any successful cheap buys? I am sure there are loads from the wonders of £1 shops!


  1. Love this! Sinful really knows how to do those glowy, deep, jewel-tones.

    1. Yes I do to, certainly is a little gem from the new collection! :)



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