Saturday, 8 March 2014

Given into the hype... Barry M Silk!

Now there was quite a lot of excitement about the new release of polishes by Barry M, which do have a brilliant reputation for nail polishes. So there have been quite a few swatches and reviews around the time of the release, I read a lovely review by a blogger who'd received them early however silly me didn't realise that so went out to buy them and they weren't there.... Oops! However I haven't purchased one up until now which shows actually how interested I was in them. But that defiantly doesn't mean that they aren't as brilliant as other Barry M's....
When choosing, I wasn't drawn to the pink or purple and didn't like the look of the brown. Therefore it was a choice between green and blue. The green eventually won seeing as the stash already has a lot of blue so it was green for a change. But I would say that this isn't a typical green colour. It's metallic and it's appears to be a combination of silver and green in the bottle. Let's see it on the nails.

It appears almost white!? The polish dries matte and appears metallic in the first coat but there are still some hints of the green element. It may be that the collection of Silks are meant to be more neutral that the other collections. (They aren't so plain!) But it's got good coverage so far across the nails and the solution was easy peasy to apply. Here's the second coat...

That's got a little more green in the mix now with the second coat. Now it's looking a lot better, not as see through seeing as you can see the nails slightly in the first coat. The finishing of the nail polish is really unique, some where between matte and gloss as it feels like matte but appears kind of gloss. It appears that the polish was worth the hype, as the colour appears on the nails as in the bottle which sometimes doesn't happen with such a light colour. There may be a few more appearing soon, have you given into the hype and purchased one? Or has there been some resistance? I really did resist for a short while as I didn't want the colours due to personal preference but they are worth it. :)


  1. I love the look of these silk polishes! I have my eye on Meadow in particular :-) Lovely to see what it looks like after each coat x

    1. They do look really appealing on the Barry M stand, Meadow did catch my eye the most - the blue one came second! Thanks :)

  2. They are such lovely colours, They didn't have any pink at my superdrug, omg about to freak out, I definitely need a ink silk. I recently got the Berry I/C (a pastel purple) so didn't really want to get that colour and yeah was a bit unsure on the brown one as well. Meadow is nice though, and such a cutsie name!

    Thanks for sharing the swatch with us! x

    1. The colours are definitely growing on me as they are so pretty. The brown one will probably take longer though... I haven't got any of the Ice Cream ones yet - you'll have to do a review! :) There was one missing when I got mine also probably due to the popularity, the names are very cute - which I am a sucker for... :S



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