Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Bargains at the carboot sale...

Getting up at ridiculous hours before my 9 o'clock shift on a Sunday morning is something I am currently prepared to do in order to get some bargains in return - crazy I know. This is due to a popular thing called a car boot sale  where anything and everything can be found. Last Sunday, the early mornings paid off as I managed to find some fabulous nail polish bargains which you may of seen briefly here on my Instagram page... But here's the full low down on what was purchased!

When these little beauties came into my vision of sight, they were instantly picked up despite not knowing what the seller wanted for them at this point. My hand grabbing of these products is because they are full sized bottles that aren't a crackle effect which can be commonly found in £1 shops. Instead they are much loved colours popular in the blogosphere; You Don't Know Jacques!, Dim Sum Plum and Tickle My France-y. (And if there was any more OPI they would also have been snapped up.) All for the grand price of 20p each...
Getting these little polishes was a little more hard work on my side seeing as they were in a large box with millions of other polishes, all you had to do was rummage into the depths of the box to get the polishes you wanted. If I didn't have to be back for my morning shift at work I think I may have been there all day if allowed. Their names are; 415 Instyle Coral, 626 Be A Star and 805 Grey Matter. These were also priced at 20p each.
Finding these was a little less effort in rummaging through boxes for them, instead it was shimming through the other people looking at the stall seeing as it had just arrived at the car boot sale. Eventually they dispersed as other new sellers appeared meaning having a nosey through their stand. Amongst jewellery boxes I found these (and the nail polish in the photograph below) which are another collection by Rimmel which is also loved by myself. They are; 195 Perfect Plum, 030 Double Decker Red and 193 Black Cherries - which will be on my nails soon seeing as Purple is my favourite colour. Along with the nail polishes below, I picked them all up for £1.
Lastly is Rimmel Pro which has been growing in the stash for quite a while, as well as a nail polish by Sleek which I've never heard do nail polishes however they are quite big in makeup therefore spending less than a £1 on it isn't too great a risk... The names of these are; 416 Night Flight and Bare 35. Overall a very car boot sale trip despite it being at 7am on a Sunday morning - the next ones will be later on in the day!


  1. Nice hauls! Can't beat OPIs for 20p!

    1. Getting up for on Easter Sunday was definitely worth it! Hopefully the next time I go will be similar. :)

  2. I cannot believe you managed to get OPI nail polishes for 20p - they're such nice colours too! It looks like a great haul, I definitely think I'll have to go to some car boot sales now! :)

    1. When I saw the OPI's I had to have them and then recognised some of the names from other bloggers which meant they must be nice! I'm always recommending to go to a carboot sales especially when finding hidden gems. :)



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