Thursday, 1 May 2014

Something new: Almond By Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine!

It's definitely a very exciting post today seeing as it's a new release polish. Normally new releases missed by myself until they are about six months old and not really as relevant. or appearing in £1 shops. However today's different (hopefully more of these organised new posts will appear for you lovely readers!) so here's the lovely looking polish I have to share:
If you haven't already guessed it's a new release by Barry M from the Gelly Hi-Shine called Almond. It was picked up along with Pink Punch which are currently on early release in Boots, Almond was chosen seeing as it's a lovely nude/natural colour meaning it'll stay on the nails for a few days. Would you like to see it? Here goes:

Now the appearance of Almond in the bottle wasn't that inspiring, however on the nails it does look lovely. A very nude colour which compliments the nails and hands very well but not so much that it blends in with the nails. As for application this polish was a dream as the polish came out and on to the nails with ease due to a great solution, the appearance isn't streaky or patchy in any areas and overall it's opaque meaning equal coverage across the nails. It's a thumbs up here as it's really pretty colour! (And it's a nude therefore it can be worn to work.) Any of you guys picked up the new colours or have any thoughts? Pink Punch is a lovely looking colour also, it's at the top of the to-do list.

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