Tuesday, 3 June 2014

May Polish Favourites

It's the end of May and the start of June which hopefully means summer weather coming into full swing. However today's post is going to mark the end of May with a little favourites post seeing as there has been many polishes which have been especially loved during May. So I thought I'd pass on the wonders of these little bottles.

Duotones: Pacific and Mediterranean - Aquarium Collection by Barry M
It's no secret that the Aquarium collection by Barry M passed this little blog by, it was by persuasion from a good friend that these polishes where purchased. Once swatched, these went straight to the top of the favourites list. When wearing them your nails catch the corner of your eye and you just have to look at the duotone effect in amazement. Both polishes are great colour combination and the others in the collection don't look half bad either!

Current Top Coat and Base Coat Combination: Insta-Dry and Double Duty by Sally Hansen
These two polish combined with the nail polish colour equal a brilliant long lasting manicure which is quite an achievement with the tasks I carry out at work. The Double Duty is used as a base coat and then the top coat, afterwards Insta-Dry is applied so that they are dried and wont get damaged. Double Duty was lost last week to the point buying another one was considered ... (It was found in the most obvious of places.)

Pastels: Grey Matter by Rimmel, Huckleberry and Sugar Apple by Barry M and Pink Blink by Sally Hansen
Pastels being popular in spring isn't really much of a shocker, however pastels being popular in my colour pallet is as normally it's only bright/bold colours which make the cut. But this spring is different, they've been on the nails everyday for the last few weeks. Huckleberry and Sugar Apple by Barry M are particular favourites as they have been easy to apply and lasted ages on the nails.

White Base: Snow Me White by Sinful Colors
Doing nail art has been a target this month therefore good base nail polishes have been essential. Snow Me White has fitted the bill perfectly; it's simple to apply with a good solution and easy brush, very opaque and long lasting. It's a nail blogger favourite and now I can see why.

Nudes: Mauve Kiss by Maybelline, Almond by Barry M and Stuck In The Mud by Rimmel
This favourite is the most surprising as colour choice have always had to be bright colours and nudes aren't really colours. However once the realisation came that these colours were work friendly, they were given a go. They blend in with your hands which is a complete change to normal, they generally last on your nails longer as chips are less visible and nudes are very much in at the moment so it's following fashion trends.

So what have you guys been enjoying? These polishes will definitely be appearing again in June as they are so lovely, they'll be other new polishes to try so hopefully June favourites will be a little different...

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