Thursday, 26 June 2014

Appearance of a Wet n Wild: First Class Only.

This is a first for this little blog channel to have a Wet n Wild, sadly it's not the current ones that I drool over through Bloglovin'. Instead it's a bargain Spoiled Wet n Wild which was picked up the ever famous Poundshops at the reduced price of 50p. (Sorry bargains are ingrained into myself...) Yet that doesn't mean it's inferior, the results came out really well as you can see here:

This beauty is called First Class Only which describes the colour perfectly as it's a dark blue polish with a slight glitter shimmer running through it. Makes your nails look very posh and reminds me of British Airways as well. Application of First Class Only was really simple, as expected it's slightly sheer polish so one more coat than normal was added. The brush was easy to use and the solution was very even - no streaks really or patchy areas. What'd you guys think? Does it remind you of British Airways? How I'd love to fly first class especially to America, sadly that won't be happening anytime soon...

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