Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Nail Polish Haul: Overload...

Firstly there's a warning at the start of this post as it's quite photograph heavy. Additionally these polishes weren't all purchased on the same day, not even the same week, they were purchased over about two/three-ish months. (They were meant to be about three posts but that never happened) So don't freak out if you think I've broken the bank... But basically this post is a little haul of polishes from a range of different places over a great deal of time. Here we go:
S006 Tattle Tell, S050 First Class Only, S013 Fizzy Dice and S033 Vitamin C - Spoiled by Wet n Wild. These lovelies came in pairs from Poundworld making them a steal at 50p each.
350 Wined Up, 60 Straw-ready and 360 Pronto Purple - Sally Hansen Insta-Dry. 250 Spare-A-Mint?, 280 Gummy Grape,  260 Candy Corn. (Top Row) 220 Treat-Heart, 230 Pink Sprinkle, 210 Royal Icing and 270 Laughie Taffy (Bottom Row) - Sally Hansen Sugar Coat. The reasoning for so many Sugar Coats is that the first time these were purchased I fell in love and it hasn't changed since...
877 Mania - Rimmel 60 Seconds, 307 Yellow Ice Cream - Barry M and Chateau - 17. These random beauties came from a local car boot sale (which I recommend highly doing even though it does involve an early start.) at the grand price of 3 for £1.
100 Pink Blink - Sally Hansen Insta-Dry, 296 Coral - Barry M and 270 Racy Rouge - Sally Hansen Insta-Dry. Aren't these such pretty colours? Very summer-y. Just a heads up these polishes were bought from The Original Factory Shop at prices of £1.50/£1, there were also some Ciate polishes going for £3 as well. (How they were resisted I'll never know.)
910 Purple Magnitude and 913 Automatic Alloy - Sally Hansen Magnetic. 816 Malbec, 540 Jaded and 812 Nightwatch - Sally Hansen Salon Manicure. All of these were bought at either Poundland or Poundworld, sorry can't remember which ones exactly.
07 Taffy Tart - Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmer and 300 Acid Yellow - Barry M. Another combination of purchased places as the Sugar Shimmer is from Poundland and the Barry M was again from the brilliant car boot sale at 30p!
336 Magenta Glitter, 355 Gold Mine Glitter, 354 Amethyst Glitter and 351 Yellow Topaz Glitter - Barry M. 3 Kingsland Road, 1 Atlantic Road, 2 Station Road and 3 Pink - Barry M. 447 Barmy Blue and 713 Britpop - Rimmel Salon Pro. Now it has to be admitted when these were purchased I went a little crazy, the reason being that they were from Boots at the reduced price of 50p each...
Last but definitely not least Kiwi and Damson  - Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine, Waikiki - Barry M Matte and Matte Top Coat - Barry M. These were the best bargain of the lot seeing as these were all bought with Boots points which have been accumulated over the last few years. Therefore no actually money were spent on these! What do you guys think were these little polishes bargains? Hopefully you've been persuaded to enter £1 shops and get up early for Sunday morning car boot sales.


  1. Wow! These all look amazing! I have 17 Chateau and I love it! Jaded is such a pretty colour too - I've looking for it for ages in pound shops but I still haven't found it! I cannot believe you got all those Barry M and Rimmel nail polishes for 50p each! I definitely need to visit some pound shops now! :)

    1. There's definitely a few but still can't wait to try them all out. That's great you love chateau as I wasn't quite sure when getting it at the car boot sale but at around 30p it's worth a try! Poundshops are amazing - check them out! :)

  2. I love a good nail polish haul. I've recently bought quite a handful over the past month but unfortunately not all as cheap as yours! I can barely ever find decent shades at my poundland but I'll continue to look!


    x x

    1. It's definitely been 'picking up a few' then the realisation that there's loads! There's a Poundworld near me, that's the best but Poundland's good also for nail polishes. :)



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