Sunday, 27 July 2014

A little update and a sneak peak at the upcoming manicures!

The last few weeks have been a little sporadic so a little update was well overdue. The reasoning for the schedule some times getting missed is that work is currently being changed as well as personally switching jobs at the same time - just a little hectic to say the least! So today's a promise for more swatches and post as well as reassurance through a sneak peek at what's coming up soon...

These beautiful polishes will be gracing the nails for the following week as they've been chosen or else they wouldn't be used at all. As I'm definitely the forgetful type when it comes to painting the nails surprisingly. So here's the timetable for the polishes, hopefully you guys will see them all up on here:
Monday          845 Make a splash - Rimmel and 04 Alley Attitude - Maybelline (post here.)
Tuesday         260 Candy Corn - Sally Hansen Sugar Coat (post on it here!)
Wednesday    849 Adam'n'Eve it - Rimmel
Thursday        Pink Punch - Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine
Friday             B-right on! - Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear and 01 Boom Box Black - Maybelline
                       (post here)
Saturday         320 Co-Bolt Blue - Sally Hansen Insta-Dry and 140 Snow Globe -
                       Sally Hansen
Hopefully these reflect the summer season a little bit more as it can sometimes be a little sporadic. As well as trying to use up all the great untried polishes from the collection - believe me there's a lot! Anything you guys want to see? I always love suggestions and requests, especially if that means more variety...


  1. Ooh that neon green looks fab!

    1. It really stands out, can't wait to use it. :)

  2. Love the idea of this post! Snow Globe looks amazing I'd love to see that one!

    1. I thought it might be a tad different to the usual posts, just shows the polishes I'll use every day and a kind of promise to remember to paint my nails with a hectic week!



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