Tuesday, 1 July 2014

An Ode to Rimmel Lyrca Pro.

Firstly a little apology for the lacking in posts this week, there's no real excuse just busy life as of late. This is not set to continue seeing as I couldn't do that to you guys and there's been steam coming out of my ears to write a few posts today...! Secondly a declaration of love for the brand Rimmel Lycra Pro which have been collected from the poundshops rather than the current brand from the high street. It all started when sneaking one of these beauties away from my mum and trying it for myself ... which has never been returned. (Oops!) Then Rimmel Lycra Pro appeared in the famous pound shops in the local area so a few where picked up over the months. They apply really easy, very opaque - you can sometimes get away with one coat. Drying time is minimal and the brush is a dodal for anyway. If you find these polishes, these are the colours I'd pick all over again:

A perfect combination of shimmer and red is 325 Hot Gossip, it's not a sparkly polish instead it's understated which makes it a lovely polish. The red very bright so that part does stand out yet the shimmer just slight runs through. As well as having all the lovely features mentioned earlier! Next up is 406 Purple Addict which is definitely true of myself - this polish just shows that on the nails. This is dark purple but it's another polish with a slight extra running through it as Purple Addict is slightly metallic but not so much to the point it's not loved. Then there's the beautiful 381 Jade Green which can be seen as halfway between teal and a light green, it's a family favourite as it's been featured on many times on the sister's nails. Brilliant for the summertime. Sadly 416 Night Flight hasn't been swatched yet but it's a brilliant darker polish as it's a mix of purple and black which the purple lightening up the polish. Finally is 411 Navy Seal, the name kind of gives it away as it's a blue polish that's slightly grey. A very sophisticated polish because it's not bright due to the grey element. Before they've all been hoarded by myself, I'd recommend to pick some of these beauties as they are just great polishes. Even if they aren't collected from the pound shops like my obsessive self!


  1. These polishes all look beautiful :) I understand how it can be hard to have set posting days, I always write out my weekly schedule but it changes somewhere a long the line! Jade Green looks fabulous! xx

    1. They are all lovely! I have the same - a schedule in my head however sometimes it doesn't get applied to the blog... :S Thanks :)


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