Friday, 17 January 2014

Hopeful of summer nail polish...

Whilst doing my nails for the little blog, I've realised that I am probably too hopeful that summer is on it's way slowly but surely as all the colours which have been picked at the moment are pastel and bright which are meant to be summer colours. Probably trying to avoid the fact that it's not even spring yet, we are still in winter and will be for a while...

Anyway back to the actual nail polish part of this post, this is another polish by Maybelline which is called Turquoise Lagoon - this makes me think of a lovely summer day with a lovely blue swimming pool outdoors or the seaside in summer but that'll come in a while sadly. As said by the name, it's a turquoise colour but also nearly light blue colour as well.

Still quite see through with the first coat so there will be more to follow. Painting on this nail polish was really simple as the brush that came with it was a wide, flat brush which I am a sucker for sadly as well as this the solution was really good except for the streaky bit. 
So that the post wouldn't go on forever and ever, the second coat photographs have been combined seeing as there isn't much to report except from the fact that it's not yet opaque so there'll be a third coat to get the best from the bottle of polish.

Excellent finish to the nails with the final third coat of nail polish, the turquoise now really shows on the nails. I wouldn't say it's an express finish as the bottle claims seeing as there are a few coats needed to get the best results from the nail polish but the individual layers do dry quite rapidly, making applying all the coats a little quicker than normally would. Overall pretty pleased with this colour and brand! 

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