Thursday, 14 August 2014

Sister's Manicure Treat: Let's Get Lost and 3, 2, 1derland!

As soon as my sister arrived home, a manicure was requested. When anyone in the family is going out for the day or night, a manicure by myself is now part of the getting ready routine which is lovely to do and there's swatch photographs that benefit you guys also. Today's a first appearance from the Essence collection and trust me it definitely wont disappoint...

Quite a simple but effective combination, not too sparkly or obvious to the eyes. Essence's Let's Get Lost was an absolute dream to apply to the nails as the brush was mainly a flat edge but slightly curved at the sides which is great for most nail shapes. Additionally it wasn't too big either so painting could be done in two clean swoops of the nail. The best part of this polish is that it appears to be a one coat wonder polish, only one layer of polish was applied and the photographs show the fab payoff! 3, 2, 1derland by Sally Hansen was equally as nice as the glitter levels it's self out when applying so there's no faffying trying to even the glitter appearance, in addition to the fact it's relatively simple to remove compared to most glitters. Have you guys got any simple but brilliant combinations? After this result, they'll be some more appearing soon. 



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