Sunday, 10 August 2014

Weekly Update No.3

Another week has passed, another weekly update of nail polishes being used is due for you guys. This week it's been toned down a little so that some darker colours are getting some usage as well as to make the brighter colours stand out. Oh and a heads up, that these weekly updates will be ending in the near future as the weekly schedule will be changing. (Sorry! It's got to happen.) Shall we skip onto the polishes then?

Here's all the cuties neatly in a row for everyone to see, it's quite a quick post today so there's not a very imaginative background for once. They'll be back on top form next week. This week is certainly random picks of the brands, no two are the same. Hopefully it'll be way more fun:
Monday          Roller Coaster by Essence
Tuesday         Purple Reflects! by Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days.
Wednesday    Coral by Barry M
Thursday        Rain Forest by Revlon Colourstay
Friday             Karner Butterfly by Astor Fashion Studio
Karner Butterfly and Rollar Coaster's colour just caught the eye when picking polishes this week, they just hit you as being the colour of summer so we'll soon find out if it appears that way on the nails. As for Purple Reflects! and Rain Forest, they've been colours that have caught the eye for a while yet just haven't made the cut, this week was the lucky week. Have any of the polishes caught your eye? Or have there been some in your collection just waiting to be painted.


  1. Rain Forest by Revlon looks so beautiful! I'm sure I have it in my unused pile I will have to check!

    1. It is beautiful, I've worn it this week for a blog post. It's a brilliant black base with a green shimmer. You should definitely try it out. :)



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