Saturday, 25 October 2014

An Autumn Release: Barry M's Chai.

It's such a nice neutral colour! Even though it does look a little plain from the offset, it definitely is very elegant on the nails making it very acceptable to wear to a place of work. Sadly this isn't the case for me as it's plain nails only - a girl can dream though? Shall we move onto some more sophisticated photographs of the brilliant polish named Chai.

Admittedly the plain background doesn't sing the praises of Barry M's Chai, but it was this or nothing this morning. It was one of those days. So I'll have to reassure you on the fact that this polish looks great on the nails and blends easily with any smart or smart-casual outfit. Chai's application was lovely, it could of been a polish that took many many coats but didn't. It applied as in the photographs in two coats with ease; the solution of the polish was a good consistency, the brush very simple to use with a straight edge and dried in a fairly speedy time. Have I persuaded you into the monochrome nails? Hope so, it's growing slowly but surely here as it's nice and simple colour to go with...



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