Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Getting Fed Up Yet? Three Wave Skittle Manicure.


Three wave manicures are just that easy! Sorry they've appeared a lot recently on the blog but there's no real brains required behind this nail art design. The only thing you need is three nice colours. Yet there is a difference in today's version of the three wave manicure as there may be some accent nails which contain dots, follow me if you'd like to see some more... 

What'd you think of the combination? These colours are quite bold and combined they make a statement nail, so I wouldn't suggest this particular design if you want to blend in. All of the polishes used where brilliant to apply, the names of the polishes are; L.O.L. by Essence, Coastal Surf by Revlon Colourstay and Instyle Coral by Rimmel 60 Seconds. Instyle Coral was a tad on the gloopy side but it's an old polish so it's not surprising. Hopefully there will be some branching out for the next nail art design, but I can't make any promises!


  1. Lovely colours, they're all a great match for each other! I definitely want to try this three wave technique out, it looks awesome x

    1. Thanks, you definitely should it's really easy with curved brushes! :)



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