Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Trying a Different Brand: NYC's Peacock.

NYC isn't a new brand to myself, it's been tested before and the results from the polish which only cost £1.79 have been very unexpected. Other brands have been shining brighter than NYC on previous shopping trips, so it's been ignored. But yesterday NYC (Is that what it's called? Or is it something else...) was calling out and a few where picked up on the buy one get one half price deal. Here's the very pleasing results:


When looking at the new colours on the NYC stand, this polish called Peacock just stood out and "Buy Me" just popped into my head. The good news is that the colour appears the same on the nails! Applying this polish was really simple, the brush has a straight edge and it's medium width so it's easy to create a nice bottom edge on the nails. It only took two coats of the polish to get opaqueness and it dried quickly. Overall Peacock has really impressed, now cannot wait to try the other NYC polishes that where purchased. (Also apologises for the lower quality photographs, I've moved so I'm still getting used to the lighting...)


  1. That's a fab colour, I don't own any in this shade but it's beautiful :) xx

    1. Thanks! It's quite a unique shade, I'd definitely recommend this one. :)



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