Tuesday, 11 March 2014

High expectations for Sally Hansen Salon Manicure...

If you've been following my posts for a short while, you'll know I am a little fan of Sally Hansen as a brand seeing as every time I've used the polishes purchased from a pound shop they've been nothing but a dream. So when I bought a Sally Hansen Salon Manicure polish from the same place, there was going to be high expectations as in the UK you can buy this collection in the high street. That meant if it went well I'd be able to buy them more regularly...
The colour that was chosen (seeing as there were no other colours...) was Good To Grape which is a light purple, not too bright but still is quite pigmented with the colour. When buying the product I was pleasantly surprised at how much solution was in the bottle, I can't remember the exact amount but it was more than the usual bottle meaning one more pro for actually buying the product on the  high street. So here's the first coating.

Applying the first coat had an upside and a downside, the upside was that the nail polish had the same wide and curved brush that other Sally Hansen nail polishes have making it really easy and simple to apply to my nails. However the downside was that the solution wasn't as opaque as I'd hoped for in the first coating, so the second coat was put on fairly quickly after that.

Looking a lot better with a second coat as it's a lot more opaque than the first coat but that was to be expected. Still as easy to apply the second coat, wasn't any dragging across the nails and no areas of streaks or patches. Yet it wasn't quite there yet so I did the unimaginable and went for a third coat which doesn't normally happen.

Now this is a result for the nail polish, much more opaque and really bold across all of the nails. This is definitely what I had in mind for the polish when purchasing it. It would also make myself more likely to buy the brand on the high street seeing as it's been tested out and it's worth the retail price. Still it won't stop the rummaging of the pound shop racks just for these little bargains...


  1. This is such a lovely colour and great swatches! :) xx

    1. I agree with the fact it's a lovely colour and thanks! :)



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